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Manga Crimebuster Classics

Alternative Titlescrimebuster-classics-1995

Synopsis Crimebuster Classics

Charles Biro''s long-running star of Lev Gleason''s Boy Comics returns in a spectacular return performance of some of his best stories from comics'' Golden Age. “The Big Blast” is drawn by future Joe Kubert partner and Three Stooges producer Norman Maurer, as C.B. breaks up a gang using boobytrapped T. V.''s as murder weapons. “Spectators Also Die”, by Biro and Willian (Steve Roper)Overgard has C. B. sorting out a love triangle between Buzzy, Joanie and Scooter. Buzzy ends up dead. “The Turtles'' Secret”,by Charles Biro has Crimebuster and his sometimes-partner Squeeks the Monkey on the trail of $25,000,000.00 in pirate treasure, and “Emergency Chute Failed” (By Biro and Overgard) has C. B. and Squeeks sorting out a fixed air race. Every story is lovingly restored and reprinted as cleanly as the day it went to press . Stories are from Boy Illostories #''s 79, 99, and 103. Color cover by Biro, interiors are black and white. Standard comic format.
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