10 Best Animated Sitcoms Of All Time, Ranked By IMDb

The Emmy-nominated series Rick and Morty was renewed up until season 10. It is now set to come back on screens with season 6 on September 4 this year, as announced by Adult Swim (via Deadline). Animated sitcoms have successfully established their unique place within the entertainment field. Popular titles like The Simpsons and Family Guy rank among the most profitable sitcoms of all time, beating famous live-action shows like The Big Bang Theory.

Starting in the 1900s, animation has come a long way in terms of quality, thought, and production. Today, animated sitcoms are one of the most content-rich and entertaining forms of media. Full of intelligent humor, engaging characters, and hidden lessons, these sitcoms are most loved by users on IMDb.


10 Final Space - 8.2

final space all the main characters

The epic sci-fi comedy, Final Space, brings forward an intriguing story about Gary and his companion Mooncake going on various journeys through space. The story stretches across the emotional spectrum and offers great original humor.

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The episodes seem multi-genre, but at the core represent a heartfelt comedy. It takes on the stand as an original without looking like a rehash. The excellent references to TV and movie culture also make it fun. Even though the show is not ground-breaking, it is hugely entertaining with little to no negatives.

9 Bob's Burgers - 8.2

Bob’s Burgers main cast and Teddie smiling in restaurant

Bob's Burgers shows the Belcher family running a burger shop and all the chaos that comes with it. The show is effortlessly funny with an animation style that might give viewers 80s nostalgia. The episodes do not come off as predictable, making every minute worth it.

Although it only occasionally features dark comedy, the show's suitability for young audiences is debatable. Otherwise, it is a catching sitcom to get something realistic and humorous. It never misses a clever pun, and every character has a distinct personality suitable to their role.

8 Family Guy - 8.2

The Griffin family from Family Guy season 9

Crazy is the word to best describe Family Guy but in a humorous way. Every character from Rhode Island is equally a part of the show's appeal, with the Griffin family taking center stage. Being a family sitcom, the Griffin family's unique personalities and daily mayhem provide the majority of the humor for the program.

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The characters are written and executed brilliantly. The show infamously takes pride in being politically incorrect and parodies various aspects of American society. Family Guy is simply hilarious in not following any rules for its comedy. It might seem outrageous for some audiences, but it does not miss in poking fun at almost everything.

7 Futurama - 8.5

3 Main Characters In Space Suits on Futurama

Futurama is an underrated science fiction sitcom that takes place one thousand years in the future. With a refreshing mix of characters, the show starts with Phillip J. Fry, a 21-year-old pizza delivery man who freezes himself and wakes up in the future. The future has aliens, robots, and many creatures awaiting the audience with futuristic humor.

Due to the show's unmatched potential, it keeps getting renewed even after getting canceled multiple times. In its storyline, the show is touching and fulfilling. It even gives a hint of romance and lots of adventure in the future.

6 The Venture Bros - 8.6

Venture Bros

The Venture Bros series captures the misadventures of middle-aged mad scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his two sons, Hank and Dean, and his bodyguard. This action-comedy parody of Johnny Quest from the 1960s is rife with satire, dark humor, and razor wit.

The show has many hit-or-miss gags, but everything is made funnier by the voices. It has perfect comedy that doesn't look overdone. The characters in the series, who are opposites of one another, do a phenomenal job at delivering the plot. Everything is unpredictable, and every episode's conclusion leaves viewers wishing for more.

5 Archer - 8.6

Archer Season 13 Release Date Revealed

Archer is the most brilliant combination of spy fiction and workplace sitcom. It revolves around a secret service agent, Archer, who works under his mother, the company's boss. There is also an ex-lover spy working in the same office as him, a secretary who loves him, and other funny characters.

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The characters of Archer are nothing like ever seen. Since they are spies, they are oddly humorous, messed-up, and weird but brilliant in their discourse. The show is strong with the cast and hysterical with masked profanity and ironies directed at each other. The conversations might seem crude sometimes, but they're clever.

4 South Park - 8.7

A still from the South Park episode "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining."

Winner of five primetime Emmy awards, South Park is turning 25 in August 2022. Through the lens of four 10-year-old fourth graders, the show presents various social subjects and strikes at them. South Park pokes fun at everything and does not shy away from being labeled controversial and crude. In fact, it is explicitly daring and inventive.

The show has unmatched satire and surprisingly gets away with many things just because of its clever writing. The stories are smartly constructed, cohesive, honest, and relevant. The animation style is also distinctive, which might drive people away, but the content will still draw them back to it.

3 The Simpsons - 8.7

The Simpsons Game Cover

One of the most revered sitcoms in TV history, The Simpsons is the best dysfunctional family sitcom. The hype about The Simpsons is all due to its brilliant characters and creativity in their realm. The show has pop culture references, social satires, and memorable catchphrases from every main character, be it Bart or Krusty the Clown. The supporting cast is also a terrific addition.

One of the best things about the show is it caters to all audiences. There are lessons to be learned from most episodes, so comedy is not the only thing The Simpsons offer. Every episode has plot depth and keeps getting outlandish and crazier than the last one.

2 BoJack Horseman - 8.8

BoJack sits in a chair in BoJack Horseman

The depth that Bojack Horseman brings sets it unique from other comedy. The tale of a former sitcom star who is now battling through various parts of life is not as straightforward as it may seem. It covers issues including depression, stress, addiction, and difficulties with relationships and careers. Given the setting, the biting mockery of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is apparent.

This dark comedy provides an excellent examination of human nature, mental health, and the issue of atonement. All of the characters seem realistically flawed and wise. The show has elements of comedy, drama, satire, and even tragedy. It successfully integrates the two themes of humor and darkness into a popular adult animated sitcom.

1 Rick And Morty - 9.2

Jerry Pours Water in Rick and Morty Season 5, Episode 4

Rick and Morty is an extremely creative science fiction show infused with comedy. The escapades of the alcoholic brilliant scientist Rick, his grandson Morty, and their insane scientific theories serve as the basis for the television show. Rick represents the cynical side of human nature, and Morty represents the idealistic. Their chemistry together is brilliant and results in memorable dialogues.

However, the show does not live on just the two titular characters. Every character is interesting and contributes to the plot and humor in their ways. It has the power to shock and amaze the audience as well as make them laugh, cry, and feel angry. Despite only having premiered in 2013, the show is the highest-rated animated sitcom on IMDb.

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