10 Best Body Horror Movies, According To Reddit

Body horror fans were excited to watch David Cronenberg's latest film Crimes of the Future, but the director told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn't think about the genre. Cronenberg said, "There is no such thing as the body horror arena. You have to accept that. For critics and fans [it exists], but creatively it doesn't exist for me."

The horror subgenre is a popular one and features stories about people who turn into monsters or whose bodies are changed in a visually arresting and often brutal way. Redditors are sharing their favorite body horror films, including a few classics.


Swamp Thing (1982)

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Alice Cable and Swamp Thing facing each other in 1982 Swamp Thing

For Redditor WarmBlessedCaribou, "Swamp Thing (1982)" is an excellent body horror film. The fan wrote, "I loved this when I was a kid and I never see it mentioned." Wes Craven directed the movie, which is about the same character in the DC/Vertigo comics.

Alec Holland is a scientist and he becomes Swamp Thing. Craven's horror films are often equally smart and funny, and Swamp Thing has terrifying moments along with fun, entertaining ones. The body horror here is visually stunning and it's easy to imagine how truly strange it is for the main character to transform into this creature.

Tusk (2014)

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The Walrus in captivity in the end of Tusk.

For Redditor Vincesteeples "Tusk is goofy but the body horror parts are gnarly." Considered one of the best Kevin Smith movies, the story is a departure from the writer/director's comedy and is a unique movie that manages to be both silly and serious.

In the A24 film, podcaster Wallace Bryton meets Howard Howe, who tells him that he wants to come up with his own version of Mr. Tusk, a whale that he once came across. While the movie has a funny tone, the themes are quite dark, and watching Wallace become this character is haunting.

The Blob (1988)

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The Blob 1988 - The Blob Attacks

While the 1958 film The Blob is one of the earliest body horror movies, there was also a remake a few decades later. Redditor mnightneedsansocar loves this film, writing "The Blob (1988) is way underrated. Scared me as a kid and I love it now."

The Blob has a logical explanation for this creature that looks like a pile of slime, sharing that it originated during the Cold War period. Whether watching the original or remake, it's clear that this monster is scary and impossible to forget about it. It makes sense that the creature has been such a big part of popular culture.

Titane (2021)

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Adrien/Alexis standing wearing a jacket in Titane

Redditor tamaso suggested "Titane" and Redditor SpideyFan914 added, "already imo one of the best body horror movies. A must-watch, and be ready for something surprisingly intimate and emotional."

The main character in Titane, Alexia, has a titanium plate in her head because she was in a car crash when she was younger. There is a huge twist about Alexia's character, one reason why it's best to go into the film without knowing anything about it, and the movie also made a big impression thanks to the scene when Alexis has sex with a car. Titane is gruesome and harsh at times and it's a movie that a Redditor walked out on.

The Thing (1982)

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The Spider alien appears in The Thing

For Redditor D_Mon_Taurus, "Carpenter's The Thing is the top of my list." The fan added that the movie "Ruined me as a kid, lol." When comparing recent body horror releases to classics, The Thing is always referenced as it's hard to find another creature that comes close to how terrifying this one is.

The Thing looks creepy and haunting, but it can also change shape, which makes it a huge danger to anyone nearby. The creature is also strong and has a lot of energy for a long time. Contemporary body horror filmmakers definitely look to this movie as an influence.

From Beyond (1986)

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The creature in From Beyond

Replying in a thread about cosmic body horror, Redditor 1998_at_24fps recommended "From Beyond, it’s based on Lovecraft and has some body horror elements."

When a scientist is working on a group of creatures, they turn him into a monster. The visual affects here are intense, disturbing and creative. The characters become upset, scared and chaotic as they learn what's happening. The movie is pretty violent and an example of the kinds of effects that can be used in this subgenre.

Bite (2015)

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The main character transformed in Bite

Redditor Radiant-Permission443 recommended, "Bite (2015)" and said that the movie "has some really great practical effects as far as body horror goes, it was amazingly done, gross stuff."

There are many great body horror movies and Bite stands out as it has a relatable main character along with a truly gross transformation. Casey goes to Costa Rica with her friends for her bachelorette, but when an insect bites her, she starts changing. By the time she's home, she starts exhibiting signs of having been turned into an insect herself, and the imagery here is perfectly chilling.

Society (1989)

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A woman screaming in Society

Often mentioned as an excellent film from this subgenre, Redditor Prawn2doit recommended Society and wrote, "simply for the last 10 minutes. Still to this day some of the best practical makeup effects I have ever seen...."

Director Brian Yuzna also worked on the 1996 film The Dentist and Society is considered a stand-out. The movie is definitely not for those who feel squeamish at the sight of blood as there is quite a bit of time spent on a corpse that may or not be dead.

May (2002)

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May 2002 Horror Movie Frankenstein

Often considered an underrated body horror movie film, May is an incredibly dark story of a young woman who is lonely and has trouble making social bonds. Redditor LivingOnRamen24_7 said "May is always a fun watch."

While May explores the dating world, her more gruesome impulses come out, and the conclusion of the movie has some of the creepiest and most memorable examples of body horror. When May decides that she will use different body parts to make her own friend, fans of the subgenre will appreciate the attention to detail.

Hellraiser (1987)

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Pinhead standing menacingly, with many chains behind him.

Redditor nwalesseedy recommended "Hellraiser without a doubt" as a great body horror movie. The villains in the film, called Cenobites, are horrible to look at, including the one in charge named Pinhead.

The villains find pain in pleasure, and since this is their goal, their bodies look odd and mutilated. For fans of other types of horror movies, the Cenobites might seem intense. But for those who love body horror, they look perfect and are unforgettable.

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