10 Best Dylan O'Brien Roles, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Dylan O'Brien has come back with his newest movie, Not Okay, which was released on Hulu on July 29th, 2022. The project sees him star alongside co-star Zoey Deutch, who he recently shared the screen with in The Outfit back in March.

With Not Okay, long-time fans get to finally see him in that infamous blond hairstyle that was shared widely on the internet last year. Fans looking to take a trip down memory lane may want to revisit O'Brien's previous roles before checking out his newest work, and Rotten Tomatoes gives fans a good indication of which projects are worth watching.


10 The First Time (2012) - 47%

Dylan O’Brien The First Time

The First Time was Dylan O'Brien's second film in his career, released in 2012. By this point he had made a name for himself with the 2011 show Teen Wolf, and so he was making an early move to film. The story follows two teens who meet at a party. Coming from different high schools, they don't know each other, but there's a clear spark between them.

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This teen rom-com is cheesy but should be enjoyed by fans of the genre. There's a nuance to the story that gives it a fresh take. Dylan plays 'the boy in love with the girl who doesn't love him,' and the chemistry between Dylan and his co-star Britt Robertson feels very real. O'Brien's acting is natural in a way what he says feels believable when he's screen. While only getting a critics score of 47%, fans gave it a much more respectable 65%.

9 The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (2015) - 48%

Maze Runner Scorch Trials. Dylan O'Brien

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is the second instalment in The Maze Runner franchise. The teen sci-fi movie is based on the books of the same title. Now that the teens have escaped the maze, they're moved to a new facility. Thomas doesn't believe everything they're being told, and so he works on escaping again - only to find the empty scorching lands that earth is left in.

Fans very much enjoy the second part to the trilogy, excited to see Dylan reprise his role as Thomas. The hard work, both physically and mentally, that O'Brien has to endure is definitely worth it, adding more to his performance. His on-screen chemistry continues to strive with his co-stars, giving that extra emotional punch when it's needed.

8 Flashback (2020) - 56%

Dylan O’Brien as Fred in Flashback

Flashback is a mystery thriller following Fredrick Fitzell. All is going well in his life, until he suddenly gets horrific visions of a girl that went missing back in high school. In the attempts to learn what happened, he contacts an old high school friend who used to give him a mystery drug. But Fredrick soon realises the truth can only be found in his own past memories.

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With such a complex plot, Dylan doesn't find himself drowning in it all. Audience members applaud O'Brien for his amazing performance in Flashback, and his ability to translate all his character's emotions so strongly through the screen. Without Dylan in the lead role, this film would have been a much different watch.

7 The Maze Runner (2014) - 65%

Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner outside with a blurred tree background

The Maze Runner is a young adult book adaptation based on James Dashner's series. Thomas wakes up and finds himself stuck in a maze, without any of his memories. Together, with the others trapped inside, he works on a way to escape and maze once and for all.

Dylan O'Brien plays main lead, Thomas. He succeeds in giving a charismatic and captivating performance, all which includes a lot of physical strain. His chemistry between his co-stars shines, and creates a great viewing experience for fans and lovers of the original book.

6 Not Okay (2022) - 75%

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch in Not Okay

Not Okay is Dylan O'Brien's second film co-starring with Zoey Deutch this year. Danni is a nobody writer, who decides to fake a trip to Paris in the hopes of gaining new followers. However, a horrific attack hit the heart of Paris, and Danni finds herself spiralling with her lies about surviving the terrible event.

Dylan plays Danni's questionable colleague and celebrity, Colin. The film is notable for letting Dylan show himself in a different light. The direction really helps Dylan shine, and it's clear from the get-go who his character is. His on-screen chemistry with Deutch has benefitted from their previous work together, and the two have a great repertoire.

5 Teen Wolf (2011 - 2017) - 81%

Teen Wolf was Dylan O'Brien's first big role on the screen. The supernatural teen TV show follows Scott McCall, an awkward teenaged sophomore. The night before his first day of school, he gets mysteriously bitten. Upon finding out that he's now a werewolf, he must adjust to life as both wolf and teenager.

Dylan O'Brien plays loveable and funny sidekick, Stiles. His character has been fan's long time favourite for his awkward charm and quick witted sarcasm. On the show, he managed to experiment with his acting skills and it was all accepted with high praise. To this day, years after the shows ending, people still find Dylan O'Brien's performance as their favourite.

4 Deepwater Horizon (2016) - 82%

Dylan O’Brien as Caleb Holloway in Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon is Hollywood's take on the real life event of an explosion that happened on the Gulf of Mexico. Following the workers on site of the oil rig, they try to survive the massive explosion that takes place.

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O'Brien plays Caleb Holloway, a worker on the oil rig site. This intense and powerful drama film allows Dylan O'Brien to show himself in a more serious light than in most of his movies. With such a suspense filled scenario and emotional rollercoaster, Dylan gives a powerful performance.

3 The Outfit (2022) - 85%

Dylan O’Brien as Richie in The Outfit

The Outfit is a thriller crime film following main character Leonard, an English suit tailor. When a crime gang cause havoc in his small Chicago tailor shop, he has to figure out how to survive the night.

Dylan O'Brien plays crime gangster Richie Boyle. With his charming Chicago accent and classic gangster demeanour, O'Brien wins the hearts of fans. His on-screen chemistry with Zoey Deutch is unmatched, giving a hopeful and slightly wholesome feel to an otherwise dark and intense film. Fans wish there was more of O'Brien in the movie, but what's there is great.

2 Bumblebee (2018) - 90%

Dylan O’Brien voices Bumblebee

The Transformers franchise went steadily downhill in quality after the first live-action movie, but Bumblebee proved to be a much better fit for the tone and feel that fans want from the franchise. Eschewing constantly-growing stakes and hard-to-understand fights, Bumblebee is more about personal stakes and relationships than the fate of the word.

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Dylan O'Brien voices the titular Autobot, Bumblebee. His first voice acting job ends with a success. Playing the franchise's favourite Autobot, O'Brien does a good job keeping Bumblebee's charm and loveable characteristic with just his voice alone. It's clear that O'Brien has a career both in live action and in voice acting, too.

1 Love and Monsters (2020) - 94%

Dylan O’Brien as Joel Lawson in Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters is Netflix's 2020 comedy post-apocalyptic film. In a world where Earth is too dangerous, people live underground for their safety. But Joel wants something else, he ventures out into the world to reunite himself if his girlfriend, fighting all the scary monsters above ground.

Dylan O'Brien plays main character Joel. He charisma and charm is enough for fans to fall in love with this film. Having experience in high intensity action films, he succeeds in Love and Monsters all the same. His line delivery is what really makes the comedy in the film, along with his facial expressions.

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