10 Best Games Like Two Point Campus

Fans of the business and construction management simulation genre will be delighted with the release of Sega’s Two Point Campus on August 9th, 2022. Many will already be familiar with the gameplay experience because of 2018’s Two Point Hospital, the previous game in the series. 

For those who enjoy the genre, there are plenty of titles that have comparable playthroughs, ranging from games set in the railway market and even those in the Jurassic World universe. There are great games that can played either before or after playing Two Point Campus, and it’s very interesting to see how many business simulations have been out there for so many years in the gaming industry.


Spellcaster University (2019)

University students in campus in Spellcaster University

Spellcaster University is one of the best simulation games found on Steam because of how it manages to make the running of a magic school make sense. Players take on the role of the university’s director and have the choice to either cultivate the next benevolent wizards or make the students practice the dark arts.

Two Point Campus is about the development of a normal university, but fans of the game will like taking a creative turn with Spellcaster University’s magical outline. With so much authority in players’ hands, they can do just about whatever they want with the way the wizarding community is taught about the ways of magic.

Holiday Island (1996)

Overhead shot of hotels in Holiday Island

Holiday Island might be an old game by now, but it has an evergreen quality that’s hard to match. Here, players are given control of an island they need to turn into a prime tourist destination. The ins and outs of running the business are detailed, as players need to keep the profits up without making a loss.

Holiday Island was one of the first business simulators to be made with such detail, so much so that today’s audiences can play it for the same experience. Two Point Campus fans can see it as a large-scale version of the game that will put their skills to the test.

The Movies (2005)

Overhead shot of a studio in The Movies

Where Two Point Campus has players start a university from scratch, The Movies does the same with the film industry. It features everything from the designing of the studio to the handling of its stars’ contracts. Players can get an idea of how cutthroat the business is with this simulation.

The Movies begins back when cinema began and can potentially continue into the far future. Players can enjoy to their heart’s content with the arrival of new stars, and they can usher in the evolution of the industry. Two Point Campus fans will like how The Movies is so willing to keep pushing for innovative strategies.

Railway Empire (2018)

A screenshot from the simulation video game Railway Empire.

There’s an entire century’s worth of progress to be part of in Railway Empire. It spans from 1830 to 1930, during which the industry changed, from the types of locomotives used to the density of the population. Railway Empire seeks to entertain by throwing in real-life events and the way they impacted the railway business.

Much like Two Point Campus, Railway Empire is business and management simulation, only with a particular focus on construction as well. Players get to see just how challenging this industry is and how the passage of time necessitates change, and it shows who can adapt to it.

Planet Coaster (2016)

A Building Made with Planet Coaster

Two Point Campus’ aspect of the running of a university is comparable to Planet Coaster, where players have to manage the operations of a theme park. The game has various modes that determine the exact goal needed to win, but the general idea is to reign supreme as the best theme park.

Making the perfect park isn’t just the key to success, since maintaining it to retain the prime position in the industry is even more important. Keeping the guests happy is a difficult undertaking, although Two Point Campus fans will generally have the required tenacity to go through with Planet Coaster’s difficulty level.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 (2021)

Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC Dominion

There are certain things that Jurassic World does better than Jurassic Park, including the series’ ability to let fans understand what running the park is actually like. Two Point Campus players can transfer their skills of recruiting professors by recruiting scientists and researchers in Jurassic World Evolution 2 instead.

Of course, enthusiasts of the series will best enjoy handling the various species of dinosaurs in the park. Jurassic World Evolution 2 requires players to keep the dinosaurs well fed and in adequate enclosures, with part of the challenge coming from providing amenities to humans and dinosaurs alike.

Pocket Academy (2012)

Overheard shot of people in a school in Pocket Academy

Two Point Campus and Pocket Academy will feel very similar to gamers, since both focus on the successful establishment of educational institutions. Pocket Academy steers to the younger side, as the game is set in a school that needs to be managed.

With three grade years to look after, players have to provide the best facilities to the students. These range from sporting activities to opening up clubs, along with maintaining student relations. Many might just end up having a newfound appreciation for education itself because of how streamlined Pocket Academy is.

Parkitect (2018)

Overhead shot of a resort in Parkitect

Parkitect is about managing an amusement park where players need to rid themselves of their rivals by coming up with attractions that customers can’t refuse. Two Point Campus fans know what it’s like to keep the students at the university satisfied, and much of that aspect is available in Parkitect.

There’s more to the title than just building amusement rides, as the staff has to be kept happy and the construction of things like resource depots and accommodation need to be ensured. Parkitect brings a definite sense of realism to its proceedings that Two Point Campus players will appreciate.

Planet Zoo (2019)

Planet Zoo Giraffe Feature

The Zoo Tycoon series is considered among the best simulation games available, with Planet Zoo falling under this banner. It gives players the task of building a zoo, which players have to fill with the right kind of animals that will attract customers. Employee satisfaction is a must, as is accommodating the customers. 

Planet Zoo can delight players with how the animals are handled, while those who enjoy the business side of things can focus on the operations of the zoo. Two Point Campus is similar to Planet Zoo in that the characters involved need to constantly be looked after so that the smooth running of the establishments is ensured.

Two Point Hospital (2018)

Hospital staff vacuuming a ghost in the hallway in Two Point Hospital.

There’s no doubt that Two Point Hospital is the best alternative to Two Point Campus since the former is the direct predecessor to the latest entry. Two Point Hospital has players command a vast number of hospitals that they need to keep up and running while curing the patients.

Two Point Hospital was praised for the humor involved and is generally considered among the best medical games ever made. Combining business simulation with gameplay about saving lives is certainly a unique experience, and Two Point Campus fans can play the predecessor to match the same kind of entertainment.

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