10 Biggest Implications From Thor Love And Thunder's Ending

Content Warning: Major SPOILERS Ahead For Thor Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is the landmark fourth entry into the Thor franchise, marking the first fourth solo film for any superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pitting Thor against the villainous Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale, this film proves to be one of the most explosive entries in Phase 4.

Given the surprising and heartfelt ending of Love and Thunder, fans will doubtlessly spend the next several months theorizing about what it might lead to in the future of the MCU. As such, there are numerous implications from the film's final minutes that could change the franchise forever.


Another Guardians Adventure

Guardians of the Galaxy in Thor Love and Thunder

The introductory scenes of Love and Thunder feature the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who aid Thor in the early stages of his journey. The space-faring heroes are featured sparingly in the film, with each member of the Guardians turning in a memorable performance with very little screentime before jetting off on another adventure.

While the Guardians do not show up after the film's first act, their next mission is implied to be tied to Gorr the God Butcher's rampage, as they agreed to investigate his other conquests while Thor met with Lady Sif after her battle with the villain. This may indicate that the audience may find the Guardians continuing this mission when they next appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 3.

Cosmic Beings

Marvel's Eternity talking to heroes

Seeking a quick resolution to his seemingly endless conquest, Gorr the God Butcher seeks out the aid of the cosmic entity known as Eternity, which has the power to wipe out every god with a single wish. Gorr ultimately encounters Eternity at the end of the film, marking the being's first appearance in a live-action project.

Eternity's presence in the film is a monumental moment in the MCU, indicating the arrival of the other cosmic entities from Marvel Comics, such as Infinity, Galactus, and the Living Tribunal. These beings are vitally important in many of Marvel Comics' biggest events and could factor heavily into the next phases of the MCU as well.

The Pantheons United

Thor visits Omnipotence City in Marvel Comics.

During their quest to stop Gorr the God Butcher, Thor, and his friends travel to the decadent Omnipotence City, a meeting place of various gods from all different pantheons from throughout the galaxy. This union between multiple sets of deities may prove to be remarkably important to the future of the MCU.

Phase 4 has introduced pantheons beyond that of the ancient Norse religion, including the Egyptian gods of Moon Knight and the Greek gods Zeus and Hercules, as seen in Love and Thunder. The mere existence of Omnipotence City in the MCU implies that there are further stories to be told regarding figures of mythology and that various pantheons may yet be explored in future phases.

Single And Seeking

Thor Love & Thunder Chris Hemsworth Jane Foster Natalie Portman

Thor may be a funny source of memes and jokes, but he's also capable of reaching emotional heights unlike any other Avenger in the MCU. This becomes increasingly evident in his emotional arc in this film, which leaves him with yet another loss in his life after the death of Jane Foster. However, thanks to her final wishes, Thor seems ready to open his heart to another person once more.

With Thor beginning his emotional healing by the end of Love and Thunder, the mighty Avenger may finally be ready to enter another romantic relationship, his first since Jane left him eight years ago. This is a massive moment for Thor, who has only ever had eyes for Jane since his first appearance in Phase 1 of the MCU.

Papa Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Love and Thunder

After Gorr the God Butcher uses his Eternity Wish to bring his daughter, played by India Hemsworth, back to life, he begs his former enemy, Thor, to take care of her after he is gone. Obeying Gorr's dying wish and the encouragement of Jane, Thor adopts Gorr's daughter, Love, as his own.

Adopting Love is the perfect conclusion to Thor's ongoing arc throughout the last two phases of the MCU wherein he has desperately sought his true purpose. Now that he has become a father, it would seem that Thor has filled the missing piece in his heart that had left him feeling empty, signaling a new beginning for the god of thunder.

Papa Korg?

Korg greets Thor for the first time in Thor: Ragnarok

During the film's closing narration, it is revealed that the Kronan Korg has also found love with a cleverly-named fellow rock monster known as Dwayne. It is implied that Korg and Dwayne had also reproduced the classic Kronan method, which involves holding hands over a lake of lava for a month.

This moment may be nothing more than a throwaway gag, but it does seem to imply that, much like his friend Thor, Korg will be a father by the time he next appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans can only hope that they will be fortunate enough to see the baby Kronan alongside his father in a future Thor film.


Thor love and thunder chris hemsworth jane foster mjolnir return

After adopting Love as his own, Thor takes the girl with him on his heroic endeavors throughout the galaxy. The film's final moments reveal that Thor has given Stormbreaker to the young girl as her weapon, while Thor himself is left off wielding Mjolnir once more.

Though it once seemed as though Thor's time wielding his signature hammer was over, it now appears that the Norse god and his original weapon have reunited at long last. After seeing Steve Rogers and Jane Foster proving themselves worthy of wielding the hammer in a truly epic fashion, it simply feels right that Thor and Mjolnir should be united once more.

Hercules Vs. Thor

Brett Goldstein Roy Kent Ted Lasso and Thor in Love and Thunder

The mid-credits scene of Love and Thunder not only reveals Russell Crowe's Zeus to still be alive following his injury at the hands of Thor but also introduces his son, the demigod Hercules. The demigod is played by Brett Goldstein, a fan-favorite choice to play the mighty Hercules, and is depicted accepting a mission to avenge his father's humiliation by finding and killing Thor.

While no announcement has been made regarding a fifth Thor film, fans can ascertain by this scene that Hercules will be a major part of such a project should it ever come to fruition. Nevertheless, whether the god of thunder's franchise continues or not, audiences can rest assured that an all-out brawl between Thor and Hercules is an inevitability whenever they next appear in the MCU.

Another Afterlife

Jane Foster holding Mjolnir in Thor Love and Thunder

The post-credit scene of Love and Thunder depicts Jane Foster arriving at the gates of Valhalla, where she is greeted by none other than Heimdall. This scene confirms the tangible existence of Valhalla, the heavenly sanctuary of the Vikings as yet another afterlife within the MCU.

Earlier this year, Moon Knight confirmed that the afterlife looks different for each person depending on their own religious and personal beliefs. Whereas Marc Spector found himself in the Egyptian Duat, the Wakandans believe in an Ancestral Plane where they take the form of their spirit animals. Love and Thunder add to this list the halls of Valhalla, marking yet another afterlife dimension within the ever-expanding franchise.

Continuing The Fight

Thor love and thunder Jane Foster Valkyrie

Leading up to the release of Love and Thunder, it was unclear whether or not this would be Chris Hemsworth's final outing as Thor. Many fans even worried that the film would spell the god of thunder's doom, killing him off from the franchise entirely. Thankfully for Thor fans, Love and Thunder do just the opposite, leaving its titular character alive and well, continuing his heroic fight.

By the film's end, Thor has not only survived the onslaught of God Butcher but has been restored to his former glory, having completed his emotional arc. Though Hemsworth still has yet to be confirmed for future Marvel projects, Love and Thunder's ending makes it abundantly clear that the Avenger's career as a superhero is far from over.

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