10 Biggest Plot Holes In Blockbuster 2000s Movies (According to Ranker)

The 2000s was a decade that offered a lot of big and exciting movies. From sequels to popular franchises to iconic superheroes appearing on the big screen, there were a lot of fun blockbusters to enjoy. But just because they are big, doesn't mean these movies are always flawless.

Fans on Ranker have highlighted some big 2000s movies that feature even bigger plot holes. Some of these are small little details fans picked up on and some are giant leaps in logic that really should have been noticed. Whether or not they ruin the movies, these plot holes are interesting to take a look at.


10 The Final Hand - Casino Royale (2006)

Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig's first outing as James Bond in Casino Royale is filled with great action sequences yet also features some intense poker scenes. The final hand of the game finds Bond facing off with LeChiffre with him winning on the final card.

While it is an exciting moment, fans question LeChiffre's tactics. While non-poker players might have missed it, LeChiffre, a supposed math genius, goes all-in on a hand that had a low probability of being the winning hand.

9 Anderton's Premeditated Murder - Minority Report (2002)

Tom Cruise Minority Report

The excellent sci-fi movie Minority Report takes place in the future when crime can be predicted. John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is a cop who is predicted to murder a man in the next 36 hours and sets out to prove he is innocent.

Anderton is predicted to carry out this premeditated murder for a man he doesn't seem to know. He eventually realizes he is set up to think this man killed his son so he will execute him in his anger. However, that would have meant it was not premeditated but rather a crime of passion, meaning the prediction would have been a much shorter time frame.

8 A Surprise Guest - X2: X-Men United (2003)

In X2: X-Men United, several of the mutants are on the run from the government. They head to Bobby Drake's house to hide out, but when Bobby's parents return home, they are surprised to find Logan in their house.

However, some fans pointed out that Logan and the others parked in the driveway when they arrived. Surely, Bobby's family would have seen the car in their driveway and would have expected someone else to be in the house.

7 Doc Ock Takes A Punch - Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Doctor Octopus from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2.

There are many fans who call Spider-Man 2 one of the best superhero movies ever made. And one of the stand-out sequences in the movie is the fight between Spider-Man and Doc Ock on a train. However, some fans feel the match-up between the hero and villain should never have worked.

Though Dock Ock has his powerful mechanical arms, he is still an ordinary human man. On the other hand, Spider-Man has super strength that can stop a train. One punch from Spidey should have ended Doc Ock for good.

6 Mary Jane Agrees To Harry's Revenge Plan - Spider-Man 3 (2007)

An image of a crying Mary Jane in Spider-Man 3

There are a lot of silly plotlines in Spider-Man 3, especially Harry Osborn's amnesia. However, when he regains his memory, he seeks revenge on Peter by telling Mary Jane she will kill Peter unless she breaks up with him.

Fans pointed out that even with the threat from Harry, it makes no sense that Mary Jane would go along with the plan. She knows Harry will plan to hurt Peter regardless and she could simply tell Peter the truth.

5 Cyclops's Eye Scan – X-Men (2000)

James Marsden as Cyclops in X-Men

Cyclops is one of the iconic mutant superheroes brought to life in the first X-Men movie. His power to shoot an energy blast from his eyes is also very dangerous as he cannot open his eyes without using special eyewear.

However, at one point in the movie, Cyclops enters the Cerebro chambers to save Jean Grey. The only way into that room is with an eye scan, begging the question how Cyclops was able to get the door open.

4 Geographical Nonsense - Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

The Transformers movies stretch logic at various times, even for a robot action movie. but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen seems totally unaware of the geography of the story as the characters at one point drive from Egypt to Jordan, passing through a meager security post to get there.

As fans point out, the two locations the characters travel between are about 400 miles apart making a short drive to get there seem laughable. Also, Israel stands in between the two countries and certainly requires more than a single small security booth to pass through.

3 Blowing Up The Building - Live Free Or Die Hard (2007)

Bruce Willis and Justin Long in Live Free or Die Hard

In the fourth Die Hard movie, John McClane takes on a villain with considerable tech knowledge who cripples the entire control with his expert hacking. At one point, he sends his minions to blow up a key building only for McClane to stop them.

When the villain learns that McClane stopped his plan, he has gas lines rerouted to the building to blow it up and kill McClane. But if he had that ability, he didn't need to send his good to do the job in the first place.

2 The Vaporizer - Batman Begins (2005)

Ra's Al Ghul releases the fear toxin in Batman Begins

The villainous Ra's al Ghul's master plan in Batman Begins is to destroy Gotham City. He uses a high-tech water vaporizing machine to release the fear toxin that is in the city's water supply and causing all Gotham's citizens to tear each other apart.

However, many fans pointed out that the fear toxin would not have done nearly as much damage as the vaporizer itself. It would have vaporized the water in any human body close enough to it and kill them, including Ra's al Ghul himself.

1 The Kryptonite Island - Superman Returns (2006)

Superman on the kryptonite island in Superman Returns

Before Henry Cavill took on the role of Superman, Brandon Routh attempted to reboot the classic DC hero in Superman Returns. The climax of the movie finds Superman lured to an island created by Lex Luthor which threatens to grow and kill countless people.

However, the island is also made of Kryptonite which weakens Superman to the point that he nearly dies. But he returns to fight Luthor by lifting the island and throwing it into space. But given that simply being on the island nearly killed him, it seems impossible that he would be able to lift it into space.

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