Despite the cliffhanger of season 3, Laszlo and Nadja's love remains as strong as ever in the fourth season of What We Do In The Shadows. In fact, actors Natasia Demetriou and Matt Berry note how the loved-up vampire couple avoids the "tired romance" sitcom trope of the main character couples always being on the verge of breaking up (via Slash Film.)

In recent years, television shows have displayed the most dynamic and passionate couples like current couple Laszlo and Nadja. These kinds of duos are intelligent and fierce all on their own but together they are a force to be reckoned with. They bring the show to life with their compelling banter and entertaining situations they get into. With every chance they get, the emotions are high and fans are always drawn to them.


Emma Swan And Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time)

Hook stands tied to a tree while Emma points a dagger at him

Emma and Captain Hook were a pleasant surprise in the world of Once Upon A Time. When they first meet, Emma didn't know if she could trust him and he gave her reasons not to at first. Their relationship continued to be on edge because the viewers couldn't tell if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Their relationship consisted of tension and whether or not they'll admit their feelings.

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They fought and exchanged longing glances but they've gone through so much over the course of the series. These two have had their fair share of dark moments and everything they've gone through has brought them together. In the end, these two always come together with their love making them a strong team to battle anything that comes their way.

Olivia And Fitz (Scandal)

Fitz and Olivia begin to hug one another

Fans of Scandal know that Olivia and Fitz didn't come together in the most ethical of ways. However, this couple maintained a passionate and rollercoaster ride of a relationship for the rest of the show that involved kidnapping and electoral fraud.

In the end, the couple managed to still get things that they wanted and get things done to stay in positions of power, as noted in one of the show's best quotes. Olivia was first and foremost the one people would go to cover up a scandal that made her a powerful woman on her own. This is why she is one of the characters to get better as the series went on. Most times, the couple came together to put their feelings to the side to achieve their goals which they always did, and came out on top because of it.

Captain Raymond Holt And Kevin Cozner (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Holt & Kevin laughing at a party

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another great series with many likable couples and friendships. However, Captain Raymond Holt and his husband Kevin Cozner share the most endearing and passionate relationship of them all.

This power couple has managed to stick by each other for over 30 years. They both have positions of power in their respected professions and have compatible personalities. The usual stern and serious Captain Holt seems to only let loose around Kevin, which makes their relationship more wholesome and special, and funny to watch. It's clear they truly get each other and manage to thrive on their own as well.

Leslie And Ben (Parks And Recreation)

Leslie and Ben talking in front of microphone

It's no secret that Parks And Recreation's favorite couple, Ben and Leslie, easily won over fans with their shared dreams and admiration for one another. At first, they were work enemies and quickly turned into a heart-warming couple despite having to keep their relationship a secret.

They proved just how wholesome they were throughout the series by putting each other first and supporting one another no matter what problem came to them in the most likable way. This duo managed to achieve their goals and reach their dreams without any spite and remained the most relatable couple from the show. They also loved and respected their own spaces which can not be said about other TV couples.

Randall And Beth (This Is Us)

Beth and Randall lean on each other in bed

Randall and Beth from This Is Us proved every season that they were truly soulmates. They met one another when they needed each other the most and just like any couple, they had their moments of weakness but always came out stronger with every hurdle.

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Randall and Beth are another pair that strived for greatness on their own and sometimes struggled with who's dreams mattered more. In the end, they always compromised with communication. They were each other's biggest supporters and their chemistry always felt believable even though they were opposites.

Oliver And Felicity (Arrow)

Oliver and Felicity stand beside each other

Felicity, the computer programmer on Arrow's team is a match for Oliver. They balance each other out in the best way and help one another when it matters most. Without Felicity, Oliver wouldn't be able to succeed in any of his missions.

This pair combined their chemistry and smarts to succeed in their quests in real life and for any of their responsibilities. Their real power comes from how supportive they are of one another and count on each other like best friends. This is the reason their relationship is able to thrive during Arrow. 

Buffy And Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Buffy looks up at Angel

One of the most dynamic and compelling power couples is Buffy and Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy is, of course, the chosen one to defeat vampires and yet, she falls for Angel who is one of the show's best characters according to Reddit.

This pair proved just how strong their chemistry was throughout the series. Fans adored them and no matter what, they found themselves back to each other. Once they give in to their undeniable attraction for one another, they become fan favorites. Their pain of not being able to see each other was hard to watch. However, the legacy of their relationship still holds up.

Laszlo Cravensworth And Nadja (What We Do In The Shadows)

Nadja and Laszlo sitting on a couch in What We Do In The Shadows.

What We Do In The Shadows has seen numerous dynamics in relationships and friendships across the show. But the ultimate power couple without question is Nadja and Laszlo.

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Not only do they have the funniest exchanges, but they come together when it matters most. They are both confident in their sexualities, bounce off each other and have endured the best and worst parts of each other, always coming together at the end. They've stuck by one another for centuries, which proves they can handle anything. Laszlo will do just about anything for Nadja and Nadja knows just how good she has it with Laszlo on her side, even though she embraces her independence.

Michonne And Rick (The Walking Dead)

Rick and Michonne turn their heads to look out

Michonne and Rick are an unlikely pair that have been brought together by a twist of fate. They didn't get together until seasons later, but fans could tell their chemistry was enough to sustain a passionate relationship worth rooting for.

Rick and Michonne share various wholesome moments. They have mutual respect and appreciation for one another since they confided in each other for a long time. Throughout The Walking Dead, they have been able to come out of their shell and reveal their most vulnerable moments because of one another.

Chuck And Blair (Gossip Girl)

Blair and Chuck sit in cityhall

Chuck and Blair were always part of the same circle but one moment causes them to be tied together forever. Throughout they fight, scheme, and debate their love story with one another.

The couple goes through many heavy emotions in the 6 seasons of Gossip Girl including lies and being traded for a hotel to eventually make their way back to one another in the end. The road to get there was never easy, especially with Chuck living in Paris and Blair getting married to Louis. They constantly felt that they needed to take down the forces that prevented them from being a strong couple to being an actual couple.

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