10 Most Unique & Iconic Items In Skyrim

Bethesda Game Studios' highly anticipated space-exploration game, Starfield, is scheduled to release in the first half of 2023, but it's their next game after that that has had fans impatiently waiting for years. The Elder Scrolls VI was first announced all the way back in 2018, but it's likely that it still won't be released for a few more years, at least. As disappointing as that is, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim holds up well today and continues to be a great source of enjoyment for Elder Scrolls fans.

Skyrim has a lot to offer players, and one of the aspects of the game that's most interesting is the potential to find fascinating items across the entire realm. The possibilities are near endless, but there are a number of artifacts that almost all Skyrim players are bound to come across at some point. These items are unique and are immediately recognizable to anyone who's spent their fair share of time in Tamriel's coldest region.


10 Wabbajack

Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness, is undoubtedly one of the strangest figures that players meet in all of Skyrim. He has appeared in other Elder Scrolls titles as well, but in Skyrim he can be found inside the mind of Pelagius Septim III, on vacation. After gamers complete a few tasks for the Daedroth, he offers the Wabbajack to the Dragonborn.

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The Wabbajack is a staff that has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. There are a wide variety of spells it casts when used, but there's no way of predicting what those will be. The staff's abilities range from transformation to destruction magic to restoration magic. It's loads of fun and there's nothing else even remotely like it.

9 Dragon Priest Masks

There are a number of undead dragon priests spread out across the land of Skyrim. Each one has their own unique mask that contains incredible power that the player can take advantage of once obtaining a particular mask. Defeating the priests is not easy, but the rewards are worth the risk of battle.

The masks are a must-have Skyrim item which grants the wearer abilities ranging from damage resistance to improved stamina to increased bargaining power. Every mask has its uses at one time or another, giving the player an extreme advantage during their playthrough. In addition to all of the perks that are available with each mask, they are also incredible to look at and are worthy of putting out on display.

8 Wuuthrad

The legendary two-handed axe once belonging to Ysgramor, a past leader of the Companions, is a beastly weapon. It's especially deadly towards Elves, as it deals 1.2x damage to all Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, and Falmer. The Dragonborn can gain possession of Wuuthrad after retrieving all the fragments and returning them to Eorlund Gray-Mane, who can reforge the mighty axe.

The massive, yet sleek styled axe stands out from all other two-handed weapons in the game and is a great item to hang as a decoration on a weapon rack if players prefer archery, magic, or one-handed weapons for combat. Regardless of what purpose it is given by players, it's one legendary artifact that shouldn't be ignored.

7 Azura's Star

Azura is the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn. One of her most powerful artifacts is what's called Azura's Star. It functions as a soul gem that can trap souls inside of it to be used for enchantments. The benefit of this item is that it can be used repeatedly, unlike other soul gems which are destroyed in the process of enchanting.

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This particular tool becomes even more impressive when it's taken to Nelacar, who can turn it into the Black Star. This modification allows the user to trap either white souls or black souls, whereas in its original form Azura's Star can only trap white souls. Whether the Star is modified or not, it's an irreplaceable tool that greatly aids the Dragonborn should they choose to keep it.

6 Meridia's Beacon

"A new hand touches the beacon!" Anyone who has come across this item knows all too well the violently loud message that begins after picking it up. Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Life and Energy, gives a shouting command for the Dragonborn to return the beacon to her statue in her temple.

The artifact itself is not very special, as it has no abilities that can be used and its value at the market is zero, despite appearing to be made of some sort of rare material. Although the item is rather unremarkable, players are certainly reminded of Meridia's quest (one of the best in Skyrim), and the shouts that come with them, every time they lay eyes on this artifact.

5 Skooma

Skyrim does not let players craft Skooma

Skooma is the most addictive substance in Skyrim, and the Khajiit produce the majority of it. Despite being made of ingredients that can be gathered, players are unable to make their own skooma at alchemy labs.

In the base game it restores 25 points of stamina to the player when consumed, but to some NPCs it's entirely addictive. One individual even asks for the Dragonborn's help to get clean. Players may not know what's so great about the substance, but they are sure to be aware of how badly others crave it, especially when coming across Khajiit caravans.

4 Dragon Claws

Skyrim Dragon Claw Key

These come in all sorts of beautiful varieties and are each worth a good chunk of gold. Although selling them can line the player's pockets, the primary use for dragon claws is to open up special Nordic puzzle doors. The ancient doors each have a particular combination that needs to be set up before unlocking. The combo lock is found on the corresponding dragon claw.

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There are many different quests in which dragon claws and Nordic doors come into play, so gamers are guaranteed to come across them at some point. The doors are simple to open once their secrets are discovered, but that doesn't diminish the incredible feeling of unlocking a new one. After clearing out whatever is behind the doors, players can trade the claws in for extra spending money or keep them, perhaps to display in one of the Dragonborn's homes.

3 Spellbreaker

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim The Spellbreaker Shield

This heavy shield, first possessed by the Dwarven race called Dwemer, is a uniquely strong protective item. Not only does it block weapons, but it reduces the power of incoming magic as well. It's a must-have item when facing difficult foes like dragon priests, skilled mages, and dragons.

As far as magical artifacts go, few look as cool as Spellbreaker does, and none provide as strong of a defense. Going into battle with it provides a level of confidence few other materials in Skyrim can grant. In spite of its awesome appearance, this item is totally wasted on a wall mount. It deserves to be put to great use at every opportunity.

2 Dragonbane

There are plenty of specialized weapons that can be found across Skyrim, but at a time when powerful dragons roam free, nothing is as useful or as epic as a sword designed to carve up massive winged serpents. Dragonbane was once used by the Blades, an order of dragon-slayers, during their service to the Third Empire.

As one of the sleekest weapons in Skyrim, Dragonbane looks great in the hands of the Dragonborn. More importantly, however, it does a wicked amount of damage to foes, especially dragons. To make things even better, the sword's power increases the more the player levels up. A weapon like that is almost impossible to beat.

1 Dawnbreaker

close up of a golden sword with a sun like feature and crystal held in an armored hand

As mentioned earlier, Meridia can be a pain in the neck to deal with, but after she's done yelling at the Dragonborn things take a positive turn. If the player chooses to clean out her temple from the vile creatures that have taken over, Meridia will grant them Dawnbreaker. The blade itself doesn't do a terrible amount of damage, but the enchantments make it one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

When fighting undead foes, Dawnbreaker can cause them to explode and kill nearby enemies. Those that are hit with the sword also suffer fire damage, which lasts for 10 seconds after a blow is struck. There's nothing greater than a sword that sets its victims ablaze. Dealing with enemies is one thing, but doing it in style makes for an epic experience.

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