10 Movies With A Sweet Female Lead That Redditors Rooted For

The recent release of Virgin River's season 4 saw fans gravitating to Mel's sweet nature once again, with the series recap reminding viewers of all the trauma she has faced. The series's return has hinted at Mel finally getting the happy ending she so rightfully deserves, resulting in many fans continuing to root for the romance between her and Jack.

However, her role within the series firmly cemented fans' love for that wholesome female lead, prompting Redditors to look for movies with heartwarming female protagonists that always miss out on what they deserve. These 10 movies contain a sweet female lead that will leave viewers rooting for them, just like Mel!


Joy (2015)

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Jennifer Lawrence in Joy

Joy is a biographical movie based on the true story of Joy Mangano, whose creation of the mop resulted in her earning millions of dollars and becoming a self-made entrepreneur. Jennifer Lawrence was praised for her performance as critics felt she truly captured the ambition of the real-life Joy, as well as her morals about hard work, and left viewers like Redditor rebeccasmileyface "wanting to buy a mop."

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The movie highlights the harsh realities of getting one's work noticed, including rejections. Joy's sadder scenes saw viewers give her a pep talk through the screen that ultimately paid off when she achieved her goal and proved to her children that hard work counts for everything.

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

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everything everywhere all at once evelyn

Everything Everywhere All At Once is one movie that could easily win Best Picture in 2023 for its special effects and performances, but one, in particular, that caught viewers' eyes was Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn. From the offset, Evelyn is quite the comedic character, with her lack of focus and self-confidence.

Her character is even labeled an unlikely hero due to her unconventional personality traits that don't quite fit the standard of a warrior, which is something viewers love most about her. Evelyn's desire to see her real family again and win the battle of the dimensions was aided by fans who were excited to finally see a hero that was just your average everyday person, with Redditor Monkers1399 stating that her character "fits the bill perfectly."

Happy-Go-Lucky (2008)

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Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky

Before Sally Hawkins appeared in The Shape Of Water, she played the lead in the criminally underrated film Happy-Go-Lucky and mesmerized viewers with her infectious personality. Poppy exploded onto viewers' screens with her giggles, constant smile, and ability to always see the good, even when faced with a bad situation, which allowed viewers to automatically warm to her.

Redditor pomelot shared that the movie reminded them of Amélie with "its magical lovely heroine [as they waited] for something terrible to happen to her." Fans prayed that she would retain her happy-go-lucky and that the miserable people surrounding her would not infiltrate her positive attitude!

Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

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Bridget Jones's Diary is a movie to watch when one feels like wallowing, with many scenes showcasing Bridget wrapped in a duvet with tears streaming down her face and a tub of ice cream in her hand. When viewers meet Bridget, she clearly epitomizes the everyday person by abandoning the polished image fans are so used to seeing on the big screen.

Her character captivates fans with her authenticity and her incompetence, once again, provides viewers with an imperfect protagonist, making viewers yearn for a happy ending after her love life spiraled into sheer chaos. In the words of Redditor rebeccasmileyface, "Bridget was the ultimate underdog" and received her deserved happiness.

27 Dresses (2008)

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Jane trying to hide her dress collection

27 Dresses prompted fans to want a wardrobe as big as Jane's but filled with clothes rather than the constant reminder that they have only ever been a bridesmaid and never a bride. The movie follows Jane as she learns of her sister's engagement with the man she is in love with, but things get even worse when the innocent reporter she meets seeks to expose her dress collection.

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Jane is the target of many wrongdoings within the film, and her confidence takes many knocks alongside her heart, which saw rebeccasmileyface state, "this is the answer." She consistently proves herself as the perfect bridesmaid and when she finally opens up to someone, the person has other intentions, encouraging viewers to long for Jane's own romantic moment free of drama in the hope that she finally gets to purchase a white dress.

The Bridges Of Madison County (1995)

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Robert taking Francescas photo

The Bridges Of Madison County tells the growing love story between a visiting photographer and a housewife, whose affair ignites and captivates fans due to its sweet nature. From the beginning, Francesca showcases her kind spirit by offering to help Robert with his photography.

Within their love affair, it becomes clear that Francesca is bored with her current life and has another chance at love with the passionate Robert Kincaid. As the movie comes to a close, viewers are eager for her to carry on her love story and seek a more exciting life. And whilst fans' wishes didn't come true, her choice to stay ended up being the thing one Redditor "loved the most about the movie" due to its full circle moment that showcased the lasting impact a chance meeting can have on one's life.

Brooklyn (2015)

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Ellis Lacey walking down a quiet street in Brooklyn

Éilis Lacey is one of Saoirse Ronan's best characters to date as she plays a young girl from Ireland who moves to Brooklyn for better job prospects, but finds herself exploring her newfound freedom.

Her character is introduced to viewers as a sweet girl who is respectful towards her family and those around her, resulting in her having a naive attitude that viewers admire. Éilis's personal development is a key role in the movie and sees viewers pleading with her character to return to NYC. One now-deleted Redditor also advocated for her freedom "away from the burdens of her family," which she eventually manages.

Waitress (2007)

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The 2007 movie Waitress inspired the hit musical of the same name and follows Jenna, a waitress and pie maker, as she unexpectedly is pregnant with her toxic husband's child but soon finds herself having an affair with her lovable doctor.

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Waitress is the ultimate underdog story with a likable character whose sweet nature results in her winning the hearts of her loyal customers. The toxic relationship between Jenna and her husband resulted in her confidence taking multiple blows, which led to fans rooting for her to save enough money to leave him in a bid to fulfill her dream. Jenna proved herself as an independent woman and created a safe environment for her daughter, with penguincatcher8575 expressing that "[they] love it."

The Holiday (2006)

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Kate Winslet and Jack Black in The Holiday (2006)

The Holiday is unusual in the sense it doesn't just have one main character but four, whose lives become intertwined when Amanda and Iris swap houses for the festive period. Whilst viewers may have wanted to live in Iris's movie house, fans didn't want to experience her emotional turmoil when the man she loved announced his engagement to someone else.

Iris hooked fans with her British charm and ultra polite manner that saw Redditor IamHOTUrNot suggest "The Holiday, [because of] Kate Winslet's character" and her constant need to succumb to Jaspers's charm. Fans wanted her to experience a life transformation that left her with enough confidence to stand up to him and move on, which is exactly what she did with someone much more deserving of her.

Pretty Woman (1990)

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Viv listens to a walkman in a bubble bath in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is often referred to as a revolutionary romance movie due to its ability to combine social commentary with a blossoming love story that earned its place in cinematic history. From the beginning, Vivian presents herself as a street-wise sweet woman, which is proven when she parts from Kit with the words "take care of you."

Vivian may exude confidence in her profession but soon loses her self-assured strut when she is treated like dirt in Edwards's wealthy world, resulting in many viewers feeling empathetic for her. Redditor rebeccasmileyface stated how they "speak for everyone when [they] say that scene where Vivian [...] proves those workers wrong is the best scene in cinematic history."

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