10 Things You Didn't Know About Kevin Jonas, Co-Host Of Claim To Fame

Claim To Fame is a fun new reality show broadcasting into homes immediately after The Bachelorette on ABC, and it made a splash from its premiere that featured a dramatic, unexpected elimination. On the very first episode, one contestant was already blatantly trying to cheat, but luckily there are two talented hosts who are not messing around.

In their first team up as a duo, Kevin Jonas and the Jonas Brothers' little brother Frankie Jonas are hosting the show together, and they bounce off of each other so well. Learn more about Kevin beyond his new role on ABC.


10 This Is Not His First Reality TV Show

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas Sitting At a table on Married to Jonas

While an arena stage is probably the most comfortable place for Kevin Jonas, he is no stranger to reality TV. Three years into his marriage with his wife Danielle, the two launched a reality show on E! called Married To Jonas that followed their newlywed life and the merging of their two New Jersey families.

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While the show tended to feature more of Danielle's family members, Kevin's parents, Frankie, and even Nick and Joe made appearances. The show ran for only two seasons, and the brothers don't seem crazy about it in retrospect, but some fans would like it to return.

9 He's The Only Member Of The Jo Bros Not Married To A Fellow Celebrity

The Jonas Brothers And Their Wives in the Sucker Music Video

Danielle Jonas has become well known to Jonas Brothers fans and others from starring in Married To Jonas, and appearing in other Jonas content like the Jonas Brothers Family Roast and the music video for "Sucker." However, it didn't used to be this way.

This Parade piece features Kevin and Danielle's story of first meeting in the Bahamas while both on family vacations. While his brothers would later find love with actresses, Kevin fell for a hairdresser from New Jersey while using a pay phone.

8 He Has Two Daughters

Kevin Jonas Sitting on steps with his wife and daughters

Anyone who follows Danielle or Kevin on Instagram will quickly see the beautiful family they share and love to show off. They are the only family within the Jonas Brothers trio so far to be very open about their children on social media, and all Jonas family members enjoy showing the girls off too!

His two daughters are named Alena and Valentina and they have been newly coming to terms with their rockstar dad since the Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019. Maybe someday they could be on Claim To Fame!

7 He And Danielle Are Enjoying More Time Now That Girls Are In School

Kevin and Danielle Jonas cuddle up in a picture from The Jonas Family Roast on Netflix

In an interview with People, Kevin excitedly shares that he and his wife Danielle have recently entered a new phase of their life and marriage now that both of their girls have reached school age at 5 and 8.

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Kevin and Danielle had their firstborn Alena five years into their marriage, so they have spent more of their marriage parenting together already. Since Kevin travels a lot, the two are surely excited to get more quality time together when he is home, which will surely be a welcome change in this new season for them.

6 He And Danielle Wrote A Children's Book Together

Kevin and Danielle Jonas being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight

Clearly the added time Kevin and Danielle now have together is off to an excellent start! In March of this year, they released their first children's' book together titled "There's A Rock Concert In My Bedroom" which they promoted on The View.

While it's easy to guess the inspiration behind the tale, they shared a sweet story about it on The View. Evidently, they have always wanted to write a children's book together but wisely decided to wait until they had kids, which has paid off. The story is inspired by one of their daughters being nervous for a dance recital and how Kevin and Danielle helped her turn it around.

5 He Recently Played His First Vegas Residency With His Brothers

The Jonas Brothers Las Vegas Residency poster

Kevin Jonas shares the difficulties he had with the Jonas Brothers breakup in their Prime Video documentary Happiness Continues, but the documentary also features all of the joy he has experienced with his brothers since reuniting and releasing a triumphant comeback album in 2019.

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While the pandemic threw a wrench is some of their plans shortly after, the band reached an exciting milestone in June of this year, playing their first ever Vegas residency!

4 He Played In Reba's Band At The Oscars

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas in the Disney show Jonas

While promoting the new children's book on talk show The View, Kevin proudly shared that he got to play in the all star band behind Reba McEntire as she sang the nominated song "Somehow You Do" from the feature Four Good Days. 

Interestingly enough, he would not have gotten the opportunity to do so if it weren't for his hosting gig on Claim To Fame. He was in LA for filming when he got the last minute call on the day to be in the band that evening, and he quickly jumped at the chance, especially since it would be his first time at the Oscars.

3 He And The Jonas Brothers Have A Hilarious Roast On Netflix

It's important to always have quality entertainment lined up, so while fans are waiting for the next episode of Claim To Fame to hit the screens, there is some Jonas-filled streaming content at the ready. The Jonas Brothers Family Roast is available on Netflix, and it's a hilarious comedy roast for either a first time viewing or a rewatch (or several.)

The band of brothers are joined by their family members and several celebrity guests including Pete Davidson, John Legend, and the host, Keenan Thompson. Maybe some of the stars could have relatives on Claim To Fame. 

2 When The Band Split Up For Five Years, He Got Into Business

Kevin Jonas Frankie Jonas Claim to Fame

It's always important to have a plan B, even for people as talented as Kevin Jonas who was a member of the successful Jonas Brothers. When the band split in 2013, Kevin turned to his plan B: Business.

According to Parade, he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice the following year in 2014 and went on to co-found a construction company and become co-CEO of a company that supports social media influencers. From co-founder to co-CEO, to co-host, Kevin Jonas has worn many hats and showcased talents across many sectors.

1 He Still Gets Starstruck

Kevin Jonas next to Obama, Paul McCartney, and Jerry Seinfeld at a White House concert

Kevin gets some minor flack for not being as much of a household name as Nick or Joe Jonas, which is part of what makes sense of him hosting a show like Claim To Fame, but Kevin is still a major celebrity at the end of the day. The brothers have remained decently humble with the phrase "live like you're at the bottom even if you're at the top."

While they might not always seem to hold to this with lavish social media posts, they're pretty relatable people at the end of the day. Kevin admitted to PopSugar that he still gets starstruck by Paul McCartney even though he's met him a few times. Who wouldn't?