10 TV Shows That Are Embarrassing To Admit You Like, According To Reddit

For every show that no one would be ashamed to watch, there are a number of other TV shows that most people are embarrassed to call themselves fans of. For some, it’s a matter of taste–with the cringe series in question occupying the lowest rung of cultural value.

For others, it’s a matter of stereotypes, so that, for example, men express some sense of shame for watching a show that is primarily targeted to a female demographic. While plenty of viewers might be mortified to let the world know what they actually like to watch, TV fans on Reddit have come out and confessed their cringiest guilty pleasures.


Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

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Dan and Blair smile at dinner table

In many ways, Gossip Girl is a teenage soap opera, focusing as it does on the various exploits of its privileged youths as they engage in a variety of romances. Given its emphasis on issues of particular interest to young women, it makes sense that this group was often its most devoted fans.

Some Reddit users, such as j3rown, however, identify as male and so express some ambivalence about loving the show, writing, “UGHHH I hate myself a little bit.” As is so often the case, gender comes into play, influencing what types of people are understood to be a series’ “appropriate” fans.

True Blood (2008-2014)

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True Blood

Few HBO shows have shown as much promise as True Blood, which quickly showed itself to be one of the most unique TV shows about vampires. However, it quickly became a soapy melodrama, often losing track of its own plot threads.

However, it maintained many fans, including HardAFnahmean, who writes, “Everytime I mention it, I always find myself following up with "dood I swear its pretty good, season 1 & 2 are actually really good. It falls off a little but still a good show'” Clearly, at least part of the reason that self-avowed fans of the series feel ambivalent about their love is precisely the fact that the series notably declined in quality as the years went by.

Gilmore Girls (200-2007)

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Lorelei and Rory sit while Rory reads

One of the things that made Gilmore Girls such a success–it is often considered one of the best shows to have appeared on the CW–was the skill with which it combined comedy and drama and how thoroughly it examined the complex dynamics of family. And, given that it focuses so much on the bonds between women, it has often been considered the type of show that appeals mostly to a female audience.

Idntwnt2have2comment, who identifies as male, writes, “I can never admit to my friends that I have watched every episode twice, I love the main characters and almost all supporting cast are amazing actors.”

The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

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Stefan and Damon talking at a bar during WWII in The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Diaries is yet another strong vampire series, one that spends as much time exploring the fraught romantic and personal dynamics among its characters as it does on the vampire lore. This being the case, it is also a show that has come to be identified with women and thus, in the eyes of some, not worth taking seriously.

Setoa, for example, has this to say: “As a dude, Vampire Diaries. I Netflix marathoned it with a girl I was dating, now I have no excuse. It's horrible but I can't stop.”

Teen Wolf (2007-2017)

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Scott and Stiles in Teen Wolf

Though werewolves haven’t always had the same level of excitement and popular culture popularity as vampires, they do occasionally emerge, particularly in the very popular show Teen Wolf. As with many teen shows, it is filled with drama and angst and sometimes silly plots, but this is precisely what makes it such a guilty pleasure for so many.

Roughcaster writes: "I'm a straight girl, and I'm embarrassed to mention it because I know people will think I watch it for the shirtless guys on it. But really I just like werewolves a lot. Came for the werewolves, stayed for Stiles, Lydia and the sassy parents.” Clearly, the gendered expectations that hover around television as a form are sometimes as restrictive for women and their cultural tastes as they are for men.

Glee (2009-2015)

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Rachel as Fanny Brice on Broadway in Glee

Though its quality sagged in its last few seasons, Glee is still often regarded as one of the best series to have emerged from the creative mind of Ryan Murphy. With its emphasis on joy and acceptance and love, it is the type of show that is designed to make people feel good. However, this hasn’t kept some Reddit users from expressing embarrassment at enjoying it.

RelaxItsLiz, for example, has this to say: “It has gotten really bad in recent seasons, but I can't get myself to stop watching it. I think I just hope a good episode will come around eventually if I keep watching. Also the humor on the show is still hilarious.” For some diehard fans of a particular show, there is always the hope that even a series that has suffered in quality will one day reward their continued loyalty.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

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An image of Sheldon and Leonard playing Tri-Dimensional chess in The Big Bang Theory

In many ways, The Big Bang Theory is one of the best and most popular sitcoms ever made. From the beginning to the end, it retained many of the fundamental characteristics of its key characters, and it created a universe that viewers enjoyed spending time in. However, it never became a critical darling and, for this reason, many are still embarrassed to admit they like it.

One Reddit user writes: “I like Big Bang Theory. It's the Christmas cracker joke of TV shows. Everyone knows it's not the smartest thing in the world, but it's accessible and a broad range of people can enjoy it. My family watch it together and we all get something out of it.” It is precisely the show's willingness to simply exist as a sitcom that helps to explain both its enormous and enduring popularity as well as the reluctance of many to admit that they actually enjoy it.

Supernatural (2005-2020)

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Dean hunting with Castiel Superntuarl

From relatively humble beginnings, Supernatural rose to become one of the most successful series on the CW. Though originally structured as a monster-of-the-week series, it soon became something much grander, filled with its own mythos and existential struggles. However, it never quite shook off the faint aura of shame that clung to it because of its network origins.

Nickel_Lamb writes of their love of the show: “It's sad. It's not even a good show, they're just a really, really, really good looking cast. Really good looking. Like, really.” This comment is particularly revealing, as it shows the extent to which people have been led to believe that there are good and bad reasons for why they find a particular series enjoyable to watch.

Reign (2013-2017)

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Reign Queen Mary Angry

Throughout its run, Reign showed that it had the potential to be one of the best series about royalty. Beneath its teen drama trappings, after all, it was about the young Mary, Queen of Scots and her efforts to forge her own destiny. Perhaps, because it is fundamentally a teen drama, many Reddit users found themselves embarrassed to admit they liked it.

TheCarzilla writes: “​​Apparently no one else has even heard of it.... Probably because we are all about 30 years old and no one our age should be watching the CW!”

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

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Raymond's mom touching his face while standing next to his wife on Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray Romano has been in many great movies and TV series, but there’s no question that Everybody Loves Raymond is one of his best offerings. Based in part on his own life, it was a sitcom that was rarely adventurous but nevertheless served up reliable entertainment every week.

Some, such as Erinescence, have this to say: “I'll still watch every re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond that I run across. Maybe I just identify too much with manipulative, overbearing mothers?"

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