2023 Mini Cooper SE: What Are Your Charging Options?

The 2023 Mini Cooper SE is one of the most affordable electric vehicles obtainable today, but how many charging options does the EV offer? With the buzz about EVs growing, households are becoming more interested in owning and driving an EV. The Mini Cooper SE is an excellent EV choice for families on a budget, especially when standard features come with the EV. Using the pricing parameter, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE is in direct competition with electric models like the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona EV. The Mini Cooper SE is built in England and interestingly marketed as the Mini Electric in U.K. markets. This EV is offered as an all-electric version of the Mini Hatch's third-generation that debuted in 2020.


Mini first experimented with the possibilities of making an EV in 2009 when the Mini E was developed. Although the Mini E was designed for a limited run, Mini's engineers maximized the short-lived model to assess the impact of releasing an all-electric Mini Cooper. Today, the Mini Cooper SE is just one of many EVs streaming into the market due to a growing need for vehicles powered by a battery and electric motors. The Mini Cooper SE paves the way for Mini's efforts to electrify mobility as the automaker intends to achieve an all-electric status by 2030.

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When purchasing EVs, drivers are keen on knowing how far the vehicle can go with a single charge. This same interest applied to the charging options since not every EV offers full compatibility with power outlets at home or in public areas. For the 2023 Mini Cooper, drivers can charge at their preferred speed and also with three options. First, they can use the basic home AC charging method (Level 1), which offers less than 2 kW (2 percent) per hour. The next option is available either at home or in a public location and offers up to 7.4 kW (20 percent) per hour. Finally, the EV can be charged using a DC fast charger (Level 3) which offers up to 50 kW (80 percent) within 36 minutes. Mini claims buyers can save more with an EV over a gasoline-powered vehicle since the average charging cost is low compared to fuel costs. EV charging stations are steadily increasing, though a deficit still exists. However, newer methods of dealing with the shortage of EV charging stations exist. For instance, wireless charging of EVs and car-to-car charging are two different ways drivers can enjoy EVs without worrying about the next charge.

Mini Cooper SE Trims And Features

Photo of the 2023 Mini Cooper SE.

Built as a two-door electric hardtop Cooper, this EV is available in two trims: Signature and Iconic. While the Signature trim starts at $34,225, the Iconic trim retails for $36,700. Despite the slight disparity in the pricing of both options, the Mini Cooper SE remains an inexpensive EV. Buying the Signature trim allows the driver to select from 16-inch or 17-inch wheels. In addition, infotainment features like Apple CarPlay integration, a touchscreen navigation system and SiriusXM satellite radio with a one-year subscription are standard for the Signature.

Upgrading to the Iconic trim may require an extra $2,475, but this trim offers more value than the base trim. Drivers get extra paint and roof color options, several juicy upholstery options, a head-up display, a Piano Black exterior trim, Parking Assistant and more. For both trims, drivers can also utilize a smartphone app to regulate the 2023 Mini Cooper SE's interior temperature to the degree they see fit.