8 Improvements Thor: Love And Thunder Made Over Ragnarok

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Fans have been heading to theaters in droves to check out Chris Hemsworth’s latest turn as the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. Although the film has received relatively mixed reviews, it did justice to Thor’s story in various ways, along with bettering some other elements.

Of course, Thor: Ragnarok is still considered the best in the series by most, so Love and Thunder had a tall task to match its standards. The fourth entry did achieve this in areas like the involvement of Jane Foster, the depiction of Gorr, and the addition of the supporting characters. It’s interesting to check out these strong points to appreciate director Taika Waititi’s efforts to carry on the goodwill from Thor: Ragnarok.


8 Thor's Connection With His Weapons

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Love and Thunder with Stormbreaker

Thor: Ragnarok featured the destruction of Mjølnir and Thor unlocking his true powers. While it made for a good story, many fans missed watching the God of Thunder with a trusty weapon. It’s why Stormbreaker was so popular, as viewers got to see Thor make use of the ax in creative ways.

Thor: Love and Thunder did a good job in blending both Mjølnir and Stormbreaker’s roles, with Thor looking to reclaim that hammer while assuring Stormbreaker that he loved the latter all the same. It would have been a relief for viewers to see Thor reunited with Mjølnir in the end while entrusting Stormbreaker to Love.

7 The Romantic Aspect

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Love and Thunder

There was no romantic element at all in Thor: Ragnarok and this aspect was missed since it was an essential piece of the Thor experience in the previous two entries. Thor: Love and Thunder did better by making the romantic side of the protagonist his greatest strength.

While Thor: Ragnarok’s action-heavy moments were great from a cinematography perspective, the romantic elements of Thor: Love and Thunder showed that the protagonist could find happiness by giving himself to love. Thor’s reconciliation with Jane and their love-filled farewell made for a better revelation than him unlocking his powers in Thor: Ragnarok.

6 Buddy Comedy Moments

Some of the funniest characters in the MCU have been present in the Thor series, with the introduction of Korg bringing one of the best sources of comedy. Thor: Ragnarok had flashes of Thor’s bromance with Korg, although this was interrupted by the revolution of Sakaar and later face off against Hela.

Thor: Love and Thunder provided the protagonist and his sidekick with a greater platform to showcase their dynamic. Their interactions with the screaming goats, contrast with the Guardians’ personalities, and knack for engaging in light banter were all great pieces of buddy comedy that bolstered Thor: Love and Thunder’s value.

5 A Villain To Sympathize With

Gorr looking around in Thor Love and Thunder

Hela, Surtur, and the Grandmaster are all considered among the best characters in the Thor series, but none of them can claim the audience’s sympathy. Meanwhile, Gorr might just be the most sympathetic villain yet, seeing as his turn was due to the mistreatment he faced from the gods.

Gorr was also corrupted by the Necrosword, yet gave up his vendetta to resurrect his daughter. Since he also accomplished his villainous role by kidnapping the Asgardian children, Gorr had a multifaceted quality about him that earlier antagonists didn’t possess.

4 End-Credits Scenes That Provide Closure And Set Up For The Sequel

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Chris Hemsworth

Jane proved herself to be the bravest MCU love interest yet when she gave her life to save Thor. Her bonding with Mjølnir changed her physiology into an Asgardians, enabling her to reach Valhalla after death. This was a heartwarming end-credit scene that provided closure to Jane's character, especially compared to Thor: Ragnarok’s which had the foreboding implication that Thanos will slaughter the Asgardians.

The other scene of Hercules being tasked to hunt Thor by Zeus was also a better way to set up a sequel because it represents a personal arc for the protagonist. Thanos’ attack on the Asgardians was purely to set up the opening of Avengers: Infinity War, while Hercules’ mission might just be the main story of Thor 5.

3 Greater Revelations Of The MCU's Lore

Russell Crowe in character as Zeus in Thor Love and Thunder wearing God-like golden armor and flanked by women in gowns

Fans got to learn a lot more about the larger lore of the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder than in the previous movie. Thor: Ragnarok showed places like Sakaar, but there wasn’t really any other new material for fans to understand the MCU. Meanwhile, Thor: Love and Thunder had elements like the entire pantheon of gods.

Places like Omnipotent City and the Shadow Realm, and the reveal of the existence of Eternity all provided new information on how the more powerful aspects of this particular universe work. Fans also know now where the gods have been the entire time and why they haven’t interfered before.

2 Return Of Characters Associated With The Thor Series

There’s no doubt that most were expecting another MCU appearance from Loki in Thor: Love and Thunder, but there were some other notable returns. The likes of Darcy Lewis, Erik Selvig, and Lady Sif returned after their striking absences in Thor: Ragnarok.

The third entry also did somewhat of a disservice to these characters by not addressing why they didn’t show up, while the quick deaths of the Warriors Three were criticized. Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t feature the returning characters in a big way, but fans at least got to know where they are and what they’re up to.

1 Thor Finally Finding His Purpose

Thor in the Love & Thunder trailer

Thor only reluctantly headed to Asgard to remove Hela because he had no real inclination to be a king. The movie still ended with him at the helm, although the events of Avengers: Endgame revealed that he wanted to find his true purpose rather than be stuck in a role he didn’t have passion for.

Thor: Love and Thunder finally gave the protagonist that purpose, as he ended up becoming the adoptive father of Love. With the newfound responsibility toward a child, Thor regained his fighting spirit and realized that he needed the companionship of someone he loved while protecting people around the universe from threats.

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