90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Need To Know About Patrick Mendes

90 Day Fiancé season 9 was a whirlwind of romance, drama, conflict, and joy, shared between a mixed cast of new and returning stars. Patrick Mendes was among them, contributing a fair share of the drama to the season, but ultimately marrying his fiancé Thais Ramone and announcing at the Tell All that they are expecting a baby girl.

Patrick became a controversial castmate early on when he revealed troubling events from his past and showed his desire for control over his phone location and the couple's finances. But despite the drama he and his brother John brought to season 9, there is more for fans to know about Patrick -- a unique castmate who has led an interesting life prior to his time on the show.


He's A Salesman

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Money was an overarching theme of Patrick and Thais’ storyline in season 9, much to the Brazil natives' displeasure. Through their many heated conversations, Pat’s job in sales was discussed, even leading to further discussion about his career in the Tell All.

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Patrick is a salesman and recruiter for smart home security company Vivint, which has been a lucrative business for him. For fans of Patrick looking to secure their own Tesla, which the star showed off numerous times on the show, he is recruiting salespeople to join his team. Though not all fans were impressed with Patrick’s emphasis on being a salesman, there’s no denying it supports the couple's upscale lifestyle.

His Hair Loss Concerns

Patrick Mendes from 90 Day Fiancé season 9 weightlifting

Patrick is known for his physique, even calling himself “Buff Mendes” on Instagram. In addition to keeping his figure, Patrick has another aesthetic goal to uphold in the next decade: his hair.

“My biggest aesthetic goal for this next decade is to keep my hair at all costs,” Patrick declares in a 2020 Instagram post. Fans of season 9 are well aware that Patrick’s brother, John, who many consider one of the best side characters of 90 Day Fiancé season 9, is bald, despite only being a few years older than Patrick. Genetics are not on his side, but ambitious Pat is doing whatever he can to save his hairline.

He's A Cameo Star

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In addition to his career in sales, Patrick has another lucrative side gig, one with an emphasis on personalization. He offers Cameo video messages to fans on the site, ready to sing happy birthday or provide an encouraging message for his biggest supporters.

Patrick has joined the ranks with the other 90 Day Fiancé cast members on Cameo, which has become a popular side gig for reality stars when they’re not busy filming the show. A few of Pat’s biggest fans have already requested him and left reviews on his profile. In his sample videos, Patrick shows off his empathetic and encouraging side, wishing a fan with injuries a quick recovery.


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In addition to weight lighting, Patrick is interested in health and wellness. On Instagram, he shares the lifestyle changes he’s made to be as healthy as possible.

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Patrick shares his experience eating the Vertical Diet, which is intended to help active individuals gain healthy weight. Through eating red meat, white rice, and micronutrients, Patrick finds that he’s “the leanest and strongest I've ever been. For me, it's the most sustainable diet I've come across, and it's straightforward.” Sharing his healthy lifestyle with fans, Patrick continues seeking the best physical version of himself possible.

He's A Weightlifting Champion

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Patrick's claim to fame prior to his time on 90 Day Fiancé was his status as a three-time Olympic heavyweight champion until he cheated by using growth hormones and testosterone and was caught doing so twice. In his introduction, Patrick explained his second cheating offense was the downfall of his weightlifting career and consequently his first marriage.

Prior to meeting Thais, Patrick's life and social media were entirely consumed by weightlifting. The star was lifting and squatting over 500 pounds nearly every day, as seen in his Instagram feed. Despite the cheating scandal, Patrick continues to hone his figure as a former Olympian, as seen in his many portraits on social media.

He's A First-Time Dad

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Though Patrick isn't among one of 90 Day Fiancés' popular male cast mates, after his many questionable moments on the show., fans were excited for the reality star and his growing family. He and Thais revealed in the Tell All that they are expecting their first child.

The couple described the pregnancy as a major surprise, as Patrick's abuse of growth hormones had depleted his sperm count entirely at the beginning of their relationship. Though Patrick was married once before, this is apparently his first child. Viewers look forward to seeing the baby and Thais’ families' reactions to the pregnancy in future seasons.

He Had An Adventurous Engagement

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90 Day Fiancé often showcases the couple's engagements, but when viewers met Pat and Thais in season 9, they were already engaged, so viewers did not get to see the process. But Patrick shared an incredible photo of the engagement on Instagram, which was unique.

Thais’ smile is infectious in the photo, pictured in a cave filled with crystal clear water. Stalactites hang around the newly engaged couple in the engagement photos, making for one of the most stunning proposals in the 90DF universe. Patrick and Thais love travel and adventure, and this was an ideal proposal that fans loved to see.

He's Divorced

Thaís Ramone and Patrick Mendes at the 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Tell All

While Patrick now stars in one of his best shows about romance on Discovery+, he hasn't always been lucky in love. The star divulged in his interviews on the show that he has been previously married and divorced, a period of his life that was incredibly difficult.

Photos have surfaced of Patrick’s first wedding and wife, who worked for the F.B.I. When she discovered Patrick was disqualified from the Olympics after his cheating scandal, their divide grew, explained Patrick during his introduction on the show. “She fell in love with the weight lifter, and so us not lifting together, being in the gym together, I think that’s when we started growing apart,” Patrick explained, though thankfully, it led to him meeting Thais.

He Has Struggles With His Family

90 Day Fiancé stars John Mendes, Patrick Mendes, and Thaís Ramone in a confessional

Family was an overarching theme of Patrick and Thais’ storyline in season 9. While Thais struggled with guilt over not telling her father she moved to America, Patrick disclosed the struggles between him and his family, including John.

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John and Patrick are close due to the strained relationship with their parents, Patrick explained. Patrick’s father, like Thais, lives in Brasil, which led Patrick to learn Portuguese. His mother is struggling with cancer, as explained in the season, and Patrick is working to heal his relationship with her while he has time. Patrick seems dedicated to his family, though they question his relationship with Thais.

He's Goal Oriented

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Patrick has a mixed reception among fans, some of which emphasize his sports and familial struggles, and those who have no patience for his infidelity and treatment of Thais. But regardless of how fans feel, there's no denying that Patrick has set and met many goals in his life, and has created a good life for himself.

In a 2018 Instagram post, Patrick outlined his goals. He sought to heal the relationships with his Mom and Dad, make 500K in sales, and travel to Brasil, among others. It seems he has met and exceeded his goals since the post, as he is now happily remarried with his familial relations nurtured and his bank account clearly flourishing. Be it in sports, family, or love, Patrick’s ambitious attitude has helped him meet his lofty goals.