90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Need To Know About Yvette Arellano

Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed were spotted together last month waiting to board a flight at an airport in Texas. Fans believe the trip signals that the couple is still very much together after their rocky appearance on season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé. Yvette met Mohamed on Instagram, then flew to his home country of Egypt to get to know him in person. The couple soon got engaged, and Mohamed, who is more than two decades his fiancée's junior, moved to the U.S. as part of his K-1 visa requirements.

The pair has clashed about religion, friends and lifestyles, but Yve remained level-headed through all of the drama. Fans appear unsure about Mohamed's intentions, but Yve's independence, intelligence and fun-loving personality make her a welcome addition to the 90 Day franchise.


Yvette Practices Oriental Medicine

90 Day Fiance Season 9 Yvette Yve Arellano

Yvette has an impressive resume. She is currently a practitioner of oriental medicine with Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to Yve's bio on the clinic's website, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University, where she studied psychology. She also earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

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In addition to her degrees, Yve studied massage therapy at the National Holistic Institute and is a licensed massage therapist. She focuses on helping clients with acute and chronic pain. Yvette is the Vice President of the New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine and she is the organization's PR chair.

Yvette Is A Mother

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Yvette is a loving mother to her 12-year-old son, Tharan. While the worst 90 Day parents are often highlighted on the show, Yve appears extremely attentive and supportive of Tharan. In an Instagram caption, the proud mom says of her son, "He has taught me more than I could have ever imagined & he brings light & laughter to the paths he crosses."

Tharan was born with autism and Down syndrome. He also has Stage 2 kidney disease, according to Yve's work profile. Yve made it clear in another Instagram caption, "Many people don't understand what it's like to care for a child who has special needs, there are NO two children who are alike, and much less those who are in a special needs basis."

Yvette And Mohamed's Relationship Started With The Help Of A Hashtag

Yvette Arellano of 90 Day Fiance Laughing with Mohamed Abdelhamed

Mohamed found Yve on social media after following the hashtag #fitbody, which she used in the caption of a picture of herself in a bikini. Mohamed was so captivated by the photo that he slid into her DMs. She even joked that she thought she was being catfished when the Egyptian hunk began communicating with her.

Interestingly, Mohamed later threw one of the wildest 90 Day temper tantrums, after hypocritically claiming that Yvette wearing a bikini--such as the one in the picture that first caught his attention--is the unacceptable equivalent of her being naked. Mohamed complained, "You're going to be my wife. Are you going to choose a bikini over me."

Yvette Believes Everyone Should Volunteer For A Cause

According to Yve's work biography, she volunteered quite a bit while she was in school. Yve is passionate about the importance of volunteering. After earning her undergraduate degree, she became a volunteer counselor for Job Corps, a program she'd worked with while in college, which focuses on connecting young folks with job training and career opportunities.

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She explains in her bio, that "if everyone volunteered even just for one hour a week, what a huge impact and difference we can make in our community." She continues by adding, "there are so many people in need of just a little assistance or support in our communities, and we often for not take the time to reach out to people that are less fortunate than we are."

Yvette Isn't Interested In Converting

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Mohamed is Muslim and wants Yvette to convert to his faith. Yve is supportive of Mohamed's religion, and even brings him to a local mosque. After touring the mosque, Mohamed suggests the visit might be Yve's first step towards becoming Muslim. She responds, "Know that I will always support you wanting to have a religious life in whatever religion you choose, but I want the same [from you]."

Mohamed insists he needs a wife who will put his needs first and he says he might not be able to marry Yve if she won't convert. Fans later criticized Mohamed for his demands, but they also criticized Yve who, despite her intelligence, did not seem to research Mohamed's religion or culture at all. Several stars of 90 Day converted to their partner's religion over the years, however, it does not seem like Yve will be among them.

Yvette Took Mohamed's Virginity

Yvette Arellano of 90 Day Fiance Laughing

Yve's friends asked her, in front of Mohamed, if he'd been a virgin when they first had sex. She appeared embarrassed and admitted that he had been. Much to Mohamed's dismay, she didn't end the conversation there, instead Yve continued to spill intimate details about the couple's sex life.

Yve went on to tell her friends that her Egyptian lover is a "rock star" in bed. She even elaborated, claiming the couple has sex "multiple times a day." Mohamed appeared horrified by Yve's candid comments, and explained that he did not appreciate their sex life being discussed publicly.

Yvette Is A Snowboarder

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Yvette is an avid snowboarder, and regularly posts pictures of herself boarding in areas near Lake Tahoe. She even calls the mountains her "happy place." She seems to enjoy the sport and she appears to be quite proficient at it. In addition to snowboarding, Yve also practices yoga.

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Viewers are concerned that Yve's fierce independence and her love for unconventional activities, such as snowboarding, might cause further issues between her and Mohamed, who has stated he wants a more conservative wife. Mohamed's concerns don't seem to bother Yve, who continues doing the activities she enjoys and living life on her own terms.

Yvette Believes The Couple's Age Gap Doesn't Matter

Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed of 90 Day Fiance

During a recent episode, Yve, who is nearly 25 years older than Mohamed, insisted the 90 Day couple's age gap wasn't a big deal. She clarified, "Even though I'm 48 years old and Mohamed is 25, the age thing just doesn't matter for us." She explained that, regardless of age, their connection is undeniable.

Yve and Mohamed aren't the only 90 Day age gap couple. There are plenty of relationships on the reality series featuring older men with younger women. However, there are a handful of infamous franchise couples, including Rebecca and Zied, Angela and Michael, and Jenny and Sumit, who are in relationships comprised of older women with younger men.

Yvette's Friends Don't Trust Mohamed

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During an awkward dinner with Yvette's friends, the group of women asked Mohamed a series of uncomfortable questions. The women wanted to know how he feels about Yve's clothing choices, what their sex life is like, and whether or not the Egyptian man watches porn. Mohamed was clearly not happy with their choice of dinner conversation.

Yve's friends also voiced concerns that Mohamed appears to want to control Yve, something she has denied in the past. However, the dinner party caused an argument between the couple, with Mohamed admitting he felt their questions were wildly inappropriate, and suggesting that he believes Yve's friends to be bad influences.

Yvette's Technically Married Already

When asked about why he was so willing to have sex with Yvette, even though he's a strict Muslim, Mohamed explained the coupled "did Nikah in Egypt which is [a] spiritual ceremony, so I didn't break the rules or anything." A Nikah is a legal contract in which a couple consents to marriage under Islamic law.

Even though the ceremony is not recognized as a legal marriage in the U.S., it is a spiritually and religiously binding contract within the Muslim faith. The couple's season 9 co-stars, Shaeeda and Bilal, who are both Muslim, also performed a Nikah ahead of their wedding.

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