90 Day Fiancé: Emily & Kobe's New Baby Spotted In Photo (Spoilers)

Eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiancé fans have seemingly spotted Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise’s baby daughter’s photo on Instagram. Emily, 29, and 34-year-old Kobe’s relationship was aired on 90 Day Fiancé season 9. The couple had met when Emily was in China to teach English and Kobe was working there as an underwear model. A one-night stand ended up in Emily and Kobe starting a full-fledged relationship, and immediately after he proposed to her, she found out she was pregnant. With Emily and Kobe having to go back to America and Cameroon respectively, it took them two years to reunite, which they finally did on 90 Day Fiancé season 9.


Emily, who worked as a nanny after returning home, was dependent on her father for her financial needs. So was Kobe, whose visa restrictions didn’t allow him to work in the U.S. upon his arrival. This is when Emily’s dad told her the one thing he wanted from her was for Emily to not get pregnant again. Emily and Kobe’s son Koban had turned 17 months old when they finally got to see each other. Compatibility issues between them were many, and Emily tried to be very controlling of Kobe in the relationship which made fans wonder if they’d split. But things did get more complicated when Emily found out she was pregnant for a second time with Kobe’s baby even before their wedding.

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Emily was secretly pregnant during her wedding ceremony. Emily sipped non-alcoholic drinks to make her family believe she wasn’t expecting a baby. Of course, fans didn’t get to meet Kobe and Emily’s baby then. And since the couple announced it’s a girl, all that’s left for fans to see is Emily’s baby’s photo and find out her name. The latter might be revealed only during the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All. But Emily did accidentally show off her baby in an Instagram story. After the finale during which Emily and Kobe confirmed that they’re happily married and still together, the Salinas resident went on a road trip without her husband.

Emily Kobe Baby Pregnant Daughter Photo In 90 Day Fiance

Emily seems to have been in the Plano area of Texas along with her mom while Kobe is back home with her father. Emily shared a photo of Koban who appeared to be sleeping. “The struggle,” Emily added as a caption and mentioned it was 5:44 pm. In the background, Emily’s mom was visible. But also visible was Emily’s mom holding a baby which fans are sure is Emily and Kobe’s new child. In the comments, fans agreed with the OP saying that Koban and the baby in the background “look alike” and that the age gap between them seems to be right as 90 Day Fiancé's Emily's girl is around 9 months old. “Kobe got the strong genes!” said u/Repulsive-Kick-46.

TLC viewers first got to know about Kobe and Emily’s second pregnancy when they were in New York to film the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All in June. The pregnancy was confirmed in a later episode. The Tell-All spoilers also suggested that Kara Bass and Thais Ramone are also pregnant. While fans may have expected none of the couples to work out in the end, the exact opposite has happened. Even Mohamed Abdelhamed with his alleged new girlfriend seems to be together with Yve Arellano, according to their Instagram. But fans are indeed most surprised by what happened with Emily and Kobe after 90 Day Fiancé.

Source: Emily Bieberly/Instagram