90 Day Fiance: How Poverty Has Impacted Paul & Karine's Relationship

Paul and Karine Staehle from 90 Day Fiancé have had a difficult relationship and the poverty the couple has endured has made their experience as husband and wife all the rockier. From requiring a translator to communicate with one another to Karine's claims of an abusive household, Paul and Karine are considered one of the 90 Day franchise's worst couples by fans. Beyond their clashing compatibility, Paul and Karine's inability to make a steady income has added additional stress to the husband and wife's already strained marriage.


Paul and Karine made their reality television debut on the first two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days in August 2017. The first obstacle the couple had to overcome was their language barrier. Born and raised in Kentucky, Paul didn't know how to communicate with Karine, who was from Tonantins, Brazil. Additionally, Karine accused Paul of domestic abuse and sexual assault, though they still stayed together. The 90 Day couple maintained their hot and cold dynamic as they would break up and file restraining orders against the other one day and be expecting a child the next. In March 2019, Karine gave birth to their son Pierre and on February 5, Paul and Karine announced the birth of their second son, Ethan. Although it appears the couple may be on a new path, the looming threat of poverty remains a danger to the parents' relationship.

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With two kids, Paul and Karine must be able to secure a stable income. Unfortunately, this has been a challenge the couple has not been able to overcome as they have so many others. For any relationship on or off reality television, money problems are a major source of conflict. Without the ease of knowing their children can be taken care of, Karine and Paul are likely walking on eggshells trying not to succumb to the stress. Add in the other factors that afflict the 90 Day couple's relationship, like Paul claiming Karine puts glass in his food and their lack of revenue ensures marital woes. For example, Karine resented Paul for the small trailer he rented them due to their financial instability.

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One reason why Paul is unable to find and hold down a job is because of his criminal record. Paul was charged with arson in 2014, which the reality star believes has held him back from landing a lucrative career. Essentially, Paul and Karine's livelihood relied on Paul's mother Mary donating her money to them. Frustrated with her son's incompetence, Mary called Paul a "deadbeat" and promptly cut him off. Although he was financially shunned from his mother's wealth, Paul understood his mother's decision and agreed to step up to the plate for his burgeoning family. While Paul has a resumé of experience in dog handling and IT, his current occupation is unknown. For all fans know, Paul's primary source of income is his and Karine's Cameo account. Additionally, Karine is committed to pursuing her dream of working as a cosmetologist.

Throughout their relationships, Paul and Karine have been through enough hardships outside of their monetary restrictions. As parents of a growing family, the couple's inability to afford comfortable living conditions irritates their already strained love life. Hopefully, Paul and Karine will be able to utilize the platform they gained from 90 Day Fiancé to provide for their blossoming family.