90 Day Fiancé Stars With True Confidence (& A Few Who May Not Have It)

90 Day Fiancé has had its fair share of stars who have confidently rocked who they are, as well as some who have lacked true confidence. Putting oneself out there on national television certainly requires a bit of confidence, as a TV star opens themselves up to criticism and commentary from millions of strangers across the world. However, that initial confidence doesn't always carry over when harsh critics come out of the woodwork, and even the most solid plans can end up crumbling.


In addition to the original 90 Day Fiancé, the franchise includes many spin-off series, which give viewers access to plenty of stars. Fans have admired the confidence of some series' stars, but certain 90DF celebs seem to be far too confident. From meeting long-distance loves for the first times, to dealing with immigration hurdles, or moving on from breakups, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise covers a large territory of content, with regard to relationships between individuals from different countries.

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The stakes are incredibly high for all the relationships in the series, as many cast members have put their families, finances, and hearts on the line to find love. Sometimes, these couples have happy endings, but many of them end in disaster and heartache. Dealing with breakups while on TV shows can be a breaking point for some, but it motivates others to do better for themselves. These three stars have been deemed truly confident, while the others have been seen as lacking confidence by fans:

Brittany Banks Is Truly Confident


Brittany Banks first appeared in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2, when she attempted to move to Jordan to be with her ex-fiance, Yazan Horira. Brittany struggled to be accepted by Yazan's conservative Muslim family, as they had a problem with her confidently rocking her body on Instagram. His family zeroed in on several pictures that Brittany posted of herself in a bikini, and claimed that he would bring shame on their family if he were to marry her. Yazan felt caught in the middle, as he loved Brittany, but wanted to continue being close to his family. Brittany ultimately decided that she was more interested in continuing to rock her confident self than she was in toning it down for others, so she and Yazan broke up.

Brittany went on to be featured in 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life season 1, where she was boldly dating two men at the same time. Brittany claimed she wanted to keep her options open and genuinely felt connections with both men. Things didn't end up working out with either of her suitors, but that didn't shake Brittany's confidence in herself. She loves her current life as a marketing director, and continues to post sexy selfies on her Instagram.

Danielle Mullins Jbali Is Working On It

Danielle Mullins Jbali from 90 Day Fiance

Danielle was introduced to fans in 90 Day Fiancé season 2, when she brought over her much younger ex-husband Mohamed Jbali, whom she met online, from Tunisia. Danielle has had a string of unsuccessful relationships, including one with the father of her four children, whom she met in high school. Her excitement over her new husband quickly waned when she realized that he had not married her for love, but to get a Green Card. Danielle's low confidence dipped even more due to comments that Mohamed made on the season 2 Tell-All. Mohamed claimed that Danielle was unattractive. He even said that during the one time they consummated their marriage, Danielle had a bad odor, and that, "No man will ever want to sleep with her."

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After divorcing Mohamed and attempting to move forward, Danielle was befriended by several young women from Maryland, who saw her on the show. She felt that they were the friends she needed to lift her up. In 90 Day: The Single Life season 1, Danielle and her friends went on vacation together in order to have fun and meet men. During this season, Danielle admitted that what Mohamed said had affected her quite a bit, and made it hard to put herself out there. Her friends were immediately supportive, and thanks to them, Danielle is now focusing on herself. She's working on feeling happier and more confident.

Jesse Meester May Have Too Much Confidence

Jeniffer Tarazona and Jesse Meester from 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life.

Jesse made his 90 Day Fiancè franchise debut in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 1, alongside his ex-girlfriend, Darcey Silva. He was seen as a self-absorbed young man who was more concerned with his appearance than his relationship with older woman, Darcey. After their breakup, Jesse was featured on The Single Life season 2, where he was courting another 90DF alum: Jennifer Tarazona. Jennifer had also been featured in a previous season of B90 with ex-boyfriend, Tim Malcolm. Like Jesse, Jennifer has been called out for her self-absorbed attitude.

Fans are divided, seeing this relationship as a match made in heaven or hell. Jesse and Jennifer, or "J&J", as they call themselves, have been shaded by fellow castmates and viewers, due to their pompous attitudes. Some people claim that anyone criticizing their behavior is just jealous that "two beautiful people found love with each other." It seems like their inflated self-confidence will not dim, no matter how much criticism they receive.

Sean Hiler Sabotaged His Relationship

abby sean 90 Day Fiance

When Sean Hiler met his ex-fiancee Abby St. Germain on an online dating site, he couldn't believe his luck. However, his insecurities got the best of him when he went to meet her in person on Before the 90 Days season 1. Abby was only 20 years old, and Sean was 27 years older, at age 47. There were several things that made Sean incredibly jealous and insecure while he was in a relationship with Abby, but the biggest one was her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Chris. Chris was also much older than Abby, and had significant influence over her life, as he was still contributing to her lifestyle financially.

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While Abby insisted that Chris was just a friend, Sean's lack of self-confidence made him extremely jealous and paranoid. He even went so far as to emotionally confront Chris and Abby when they all met for a meal. It seemed that Abby was done with him after this display. However, the couple surprised fans by getting engaged anyway, before eventually breaking up. Sean seems to have no hard feelings, and recently shared his happiness for Abby over her recent marriage to her new husband, Louis.

Molly Hopkins Shares Her Confidence With Others

Molly Hopkins on the cover of Plus Magazine.

Single mother Molly Hopkins thought she met the love of her life while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and decided to bring Luis Mendez, who was 15 years her junior, to the states on a K-1 fiance visa. Their journey was chronicled in 90 Day Fiancé season 5. Her marriage ended disastrously, as Luis did not follow through on his promises to be there for Molly and her children, as a husband and stepfather. However, although this was a difficult and challenging time for Molly, it didn't shake her confidence.

Molly is a 46-year-old mother of two from Georgia, and she is a confident, curvy woman who owns her sexuality as a middle-aged woman. Molly's found inspiration in her own self-confidence journey, and has made it her life's work to help other women feel just as confident in their bodies as she does. This is why she opened LiviRae, a plus-size bra shop named after her oldest daughter. She and her best friend Cynthia run the shop together and work hard to make sure that women who wear their bras feel sexy and confident. Molly even confidently found new love with boyfriend Kelly, whom she met during The Single Life season 1. She recently announced that she is moving in with him.

Kimberly Menzies Puts Out False Confidence

Kimberly Menzies and Usman

Kimberly Menzies was recently featured on Before the 90 Days season 5, when she was courting returning cast member and Nigerian rapper Usman "Sojaboy" Umar. While Kimberly has a demeanor that appears standoffish, and seemingly doesn't care about other peoples' opinions, fans feel that she is clearly projecting insecurities that she holds deep inside herself. As a 50-year-old woman attempting to date a 32-year-old man, she let her lack of self-confidence dictate her behavior in the relationship.

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Kimberly seemed fairly confident when bossing around Usman's team on the set of his music video in Tanzania, but that confidence was shattered when Usman refused to be intimate with her. Fans couldn't believe how pushy Kimberly was, and how upset she got when she was denied sex from Usman. She revealed her immaturity and lack of confidence when she resorted to manipulative and childish games to get what she wanted from him. For example, she took away a custom necklace she had made for him, until he showed her that she was special to him. While Kimberly ultimately got what she wanted, it's clear her confidence is hanging by a thread. Fans think that she's dependent on feeling wanted and accepted by others.

Fans hope that the stars who are lacking confidence are able to heal and move forward, so they can feel more secure in themselves. Viewers think that some 90 Day Fiancé stars deserve to feel confident in themselves, while hoping that others figure out how to take criticism. Fans will continue watching what these stars do next, and can't wait to see where they're headed next.