Alien's Vampire Xenomorph Is Its Biggest Missed Opportunity

Of the many different types of xenomorphs within the Alien universe, the vampire hybrid may be one of the most promising. Aliens/Vampirella saw the emergence of a dangerous new queen courtesy of the titular heroine. However, the series failed to capitalize on this awesome idea.

This Dynamite and Dark Horse Comics crossover series was published in 2015. It places Vampirella on Mars as humans are colonizing the planet. A vampire colony is discovered deep underground, as well as a creepy gathering of vampire bodies plastered to a wall. Vampirella is called in to consult on the find, and ultimately she and her human companions stumble across alien eggs. This leads to a blending of conflict between humans, vampires, and xenomorphs. Xenomorphs have numerous roles and forms, from drones and queens to animal and human hybrids, such as the Newborn. This comic presents another hybrid: the vampire.


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Aliens/Vampirella has the creative team of Corinna Bechko, Javier Garcia-Miranda, InLight Studio, Jordan Boyd, and Simon Bowland. After a facehugger impregnates Vampirella, an altered xenomorph is born - a queen that has vampiric qualities, including a pair of wings. This is one of the most fearsome xenomorphs in comics due to the extra threat its increased mobility and speed allows.

Alien vampire xenomorph

Considering the amazing additions made to the queen, it would make sense that some of her new traits would carry on to her next offspring (after all, that is why xenomorphs reproduce via other species in the first place.) However, by the time eggs are laid and this batch is confronted, there is no time left in the series for them to be full-grown. This leaves fans to wonder if the vampire xenomorph queen's brood would be nearly as fearsome as she is or not. Adding new traits to these iconic aliens is a core part of the franchise's storytelling. Yet one of the most interesting changes in this series is barely used, when it could have synergized perfectly with a new swarm of flying, blood-hungry xenomorphs.

In and of themselves, xenomorph queens are already extra-special specimens. From producing addictive royal jelly that gives humans superpowers to being able to command the hive like an army, queens stand in a league all their own. Adding vampiric traits makes them even more deadly, but limiting this miniseries to just standard xenomorphs with the potential of a stronger brood to come being left on the table is a major disappointment. Considering how much could have been done with this aspect, it's a shame that Aliens/Vampirella did not capitalize on the opportunity to make xenomorphs mobile in a horrifying new way - hopefully, one day, the franchise will get a chance to return and flesh out this idea more extensively.