Alligator Loki's Secret Difference Totally Redefines the God of Mischief

While Alligator Loki has made his way from screen to comics, there are still many things that aren't known about the variant. Alligator Loki #11 reveals a key difference in the titular character and his more well-known counterpart. Their origins are likely entirely different based on their physical forms, not just their nexus events.

Alligator Loki debuted in the Disney+ Original series, Loki. The show stated that his nexus event was eating the neighbor's cat. The character eventually debuted in comics within his own digital comic series, Alligator Loki. The series has allowed the variant to interact with Thor as well as the Loki fans know and love - while capturing the affection of many of Marvel's heroes and villains. It is also revealing subtle details about his origin and history relative to his counterpart.


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Alligator Loki #11 has the creative team of Alyssa Wong, Bob Quinn, Pete Pantazis, Annie Cheng, Tim Smith 3, Stacie Zucker, Kat Gregorowicz, and C. B. Cebulski. Within it, Loki comes upon his reptilian variant freezing in the snow. Seeing this, the God of Mischief gives him a matching coat and brings together some of Marvel's pyrokinetics to warm up him up. While this seems like basic zoology, it reveals a few things about Alligator Loki.

Loki sitting with Alligator Loki in Alligator Loki #11

For starters, Alligator Loki abides by standard laws of nature as they are known on Earth. Reptiles are cold-blooded and thereby need external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. This also means that unlike Loki Laufeyson, Alligator Loki cannot be part Frost Giant, even by his alternate universe's standards. This is a key component of Loki's origin story and seemingly not having any similar version of it means this variant likely has an origin far different from what fans may have initially thought. Considering this variant's status AS a Loki has been contested before, this could also be a key aspect of finding out if Alligator Loki is a true Loki as more details are revealed - or if he's simply green and enjoys wearing horned headgear. Loki's difficulties with his father and brother frequently stem from a question of birthright and his being an outsider. Being the blood son of Laufey and adopted son of Odin has come with some major troubles, though being able to withstand cold is certainly a plus. Thus far, Alligator Loki's nexus event seems to have no striking similarities to Loki's, nor does his life - or what's currently known of it - seem to align with Loki Laufeyson's. He also has not displayed any magic abilities thus far.

There has been no Alligator Thor mentioned or seen and also no glimpse of his home realm in any media. Alligator Loki's origins and placement in his own world is still as much a mystery as ever, but now even his being a Loki can be questioned even further since he is lacking a key aspect of the iconic character's history.