Antony Starr Shares Funny Clip Imagining Him Going Full Homelander

The Boys actor Antony Starr praises a fan-made video of himself at New York Comic Con 2018, which imagines him going full Homelander during an interview. The 46-year-old actor has played the leading antagonist of the hit Prime Video series since season 1 in 2019, quickly cementing the character as a fan-favorite despite his amoral nature. Becoming ever more unhinged with each new episode, Homelander’s recent season 3 return saw him fight Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), a WWII-era superhero with enough power to rival him.

Portrayed as a psychopathic narcissist with an obsessive desire to be loved and adored, Homelander endured something of a transformation in season 3 after the public exposure of his romantic relationship with known-Nazi Stormfront. Driven to the edge by plummeting public ratings and further humiliated after Stan Edgar forces him to share leadership of The Seven with Starlight, Homelander eventually makes the disturbing revelation that he can get away with almost anything. Securing a new fan base in the rural male population and seizing control of Vought International from Edgar, the closeted villain increasingly unmasked his true self to the public in season 3, culminating in his open execution of a man to rapturous applause in the season finale.


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Now, Starr has taken to Twitter to share a comedic video of himself during an interview at NYCC 2018, intercut with footage from The Boys of Homelander on a rampage. The fan-cut clip sees Starr inviting his co-star Chace Crawford to answer questions while he patiently waits his turn. Zooming in on the actor’s face in a parody of his character’s feelings at being sidelined, the video intercuts with scenes of Homelander murdering crowds of people with his laser vision. Check out the post below:

This is so so good….

— Antony Starr (@antonystarr) July 25, 2022

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While the video serves as a convincing but humorous parody of Homelander’s inner thoughts, the character may have disturbingly outgrown such fantasies by season 4. Though the clip shared by Starr was taken from the season 2 episode “We Gotta Go Now,” in which Homelander imagined killing crowds of people protesting against him, by season 3 he has slowly begun to act on his bloodthirsty desires. Though he has yet to go as far as murdering entire crowds of civilians, he has certainly already lasered at least one person openly (much to the delight of his supporters) and is yet to experience any consequences for his actions.

Untethered from the control or protection previously provided by Vought and its executives, it’s probable that Homelander will continue to test the boundaries of his newfound freedom in season 4 of The Boys. Though fans have yet to discover if he will face any kind of consequences for the public execution he exacted in the season 3 finale, the prospect seems increasingly unlikely after removing the opposition of Victoria Neuman and Stan Edgar. With the chance of Homelander’s bloodlust being unleashed on an even greater portion of the population, it could be that Billy Butcher and the rest of the Boys really are the only ones prepared to stop him.