Audrina Admits The Hills New Beginnings Didn't Flow Like Old Show Did

After the cancelation of The Hills: New Beginnings in January, star Audrina Patridge admits the show did not flow the way The Hills did. Audrina appeared in the original series as star Lauren Conrad's best friend and new roommate after Heidi Montag moved out to live with her then-boyfriend and now-husband Spencer Pratt. The star worked in the music industry and even had a fling with 2000s singer Ryan Cabrera but was mainly known for her on and off again relationship with The Hills bad boy Justin Bobby Brescia. Unfortunately for fans who were hoping the two would one day work things out, Audrina ended up marrying and later divorcing Corey Bohan, who occasionally appeared on the original series.


Audrina tried to make things work with Justin again on The Hills: New Beginnings but soon moved on to Brody Jenner, who she had a very short-lived fling with towards the end of The Hills. Audrina, Brody, and former costar Frankie Delgado recently released the trailer for their new rewatch podcast Was It Real? The former castmates plan to reveal behind-the-scenes secrets of the reality series and even invite on former The Hills producers to hear their side of the story. Unfortunately, Spencer was not invited to host the podcast but continues to reveal secrets about the show on his TikTok series The Spills.

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While many fans were sad to hear The Hills: New Beginnings was canceled, Audrina feels as though the show didn't flow as well as the original series did. Audrina told People, that the show's original producer did a better job of understanding what the show was about and had "a formula that worked." While she says the new producers did their best, she doesn't think their version of the show worked very well. According to Audrina, The Hills "wasn't about fighting and screaming and getting drunk all the time. It was about real friendships, and love, and relationships and a dysfunctional family."

The Hills Audrina Patridge

"We redid a lot of things on The Hills: New Beginnings because nothing was flowing like it used to," Audrina said. MTV recently revealed the show will be getting another reboot called The Hills: Next Gen and will feature a brand new cast of 20-somethings. When Audrina heard the news, she felt hurt that MTV didn't tell her directly and that the network had no plans of featuring the original cast. However, she also understood that she and her castmates don't have much drama to offer now that they're older and less willing to air out their issues on television.

The Hills: New Beginnings definitely didn't feel as authentic as the original series did. When the show premiered in 2006, reality TV was fairly new, and most of the cast probably had no idea what they were getting themselves into. By the time The Hills reboot aired, they already knew how manipulated, and scripted reality TV tends to be, and therefore, it made it hard to get a raw look at the cast members' lives. Luckily, fans don't have to say goodbye to The Hills forever, and if they really miss the original stars, they can listen to their new podcast coming soon.