The Batman was released earlier this year and people are already talking about and making predictions about the sequel. This new version of Batman does a great job at remaining faithful to the comic book source material, he’s dark, gritty, and uses many of Batman’s well-known weapons and gadgets.

The Batarang is one such gadget that this Batman, and nearly every iteration of Batman, uses. Batarangs have been seen in countless comics and in almost every Batman-related movie and TV show. Not all batarangs are the same, some perform and look better than others.

Batman & Robin


Batman & Robin was the final film in the Warner Bros. Batman film series. This also means this was the last batarang of the series as well. The film depicted Batman working with all of his allies in the hopes of defeating Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane.

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This Batarang has a resemblance to the Batarangs used in the previous film, Batman Forever. However, this one is not as bulky and has a smoother design. The wing blades have also been improved. They look bigger and sharper than all the previous ones used in the other films in the series.

Batman Prey

Split image showing the cover to Batman prey and the Batarang.

This batarang can be found in the Prey story arc of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. These comics take place in Batman’s early days of crime fighting. He’s trying to be seen as a force of good in the eyes of the public and form a partnership with Captain Gordon. However, Hugo Strange is trying to convince everyone that Batman is a dangerous criminal.

The blades on this Batarang are much larger when compared to others. It’s because of its size that there’s a greater chance they’ll hit its target. It also has three pointed edges and is shaped more like a throwing star. Batman may feel more comfortable using this kind of Batarang since he most likely used throwing stars in his martial arts training.

Lego Batman

The LEGO Batman Movie (cropped IMAX Poster)

This is the only known batarang to be completely made out of Lego, being as it is exclusively used by Lego Batman. It can be found in nearly every Lego Batman set and has been in every video game and film to star Lego Batman. This includes The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie.

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Unique can barely describe this Batarang. Notably, this is one of the few Batarangs to not have bat ears. Of course, the reason is that Lego Batman wouldn’t be able to hold it if it did. Nevertheless, this is still a rare occurrence. This batarang is also one of the few to have bat fingers designed on the blade.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Barry Allen holding a batarang.

This is the batarang used in the SnyderVerse. It first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is used by a seasoned Batman with years of experience. As the name suggests, Batman and Superman face off with each other in this film but Batman only used his batarangs on thugs.

This Batarang is made and shaped bigger than many other Batarangs. It’s a dense piece of metal that’s not easily broken. It’s able to both knock down an armed thug and dismantle the gun they’re holding. The lines engraved onto the Batarang even give it a more distinct look, and people can look at it and know it’s from the SnyderVerse.

Batman Terror

Batman and a haunted mansion on the cover for.

A unique Batarang that’s seen in the Terror story arc of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. This collection of comics focuses on Hugo Strange targeting both Batman and Catwoman. His scheme revolves around Scarecrow’s fear toxin which he was able to strengthen.

What makes this Batarang unique is that it has three equal-sized blades instead of two. This gives the Batarang a greater chance of piercing whatever target it's being thrown at. A bat symbol can be found in the center of it, making it obvious that it belongs to Batman. Lastly, the Batarang can explode, making it a far more deadly weapon.

The Telltale Series

The Batarang nailed to the wall in the Telltale Series.

This batarang is the one used in Batman - The Telltale Series. The game centers on Batman trying to take down a major crime boss while new super-criminals are starting to terrorize Gotham. The way the game progresses is all based on the decisions that the player makes.

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This Batarang has its bat shape but what makes it unique are the two holes, each placed on the “wings” of the Batarang. Placing his fingers through them should give Batman a better grip on the Batarang. This decreases the chances of them slipping out of his hand and he can deliver a more powerful throw.

Injustice 2

A video game that continues from where the shockingly violent, Injustice: Gods Among Us video game left off. After Batman’s victory in the last game, he now has to deal with a new group of supervillains trying to take power and Brainiac trying to conquer earth. All of these threats will drive Batman to ask his former enemies for help.

The Batarangs that Batman uses are different from the ones used in the first game. They have sharper edges, a sleeker design, and they also look more high-tech. Lights are shining from the center of the Batarang and from the top of the batwings. When thrown, a trail of light can be seen coming from them and this simply looks amazing.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond Batarang

Any Batman fan who sees this Batarang will recognize it as the one used in Batman Beyond, a show that fans want to see revived. This show takes place in a futuristic Gotham and Bruce Wayne is retired from crime fighting. His new protege, Terry McGinnis, takes up the mantel as Batman Beyond

This batarang has a circular design, with the blades taking up most of the Batarang's outer area. There’s little to no chance that whatever is being targeted will not be hit by the blade. The Batarang was also shown to be very portable, it can shoot out from the Batsuit’s glove and unfold rapidly. It’s also cool that its color matches the Batman Beyond costume.

Arkham Asylum

Batman throwing a Batarang in Arkham Asylum.

The remote control Batarang was first seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of the best Batman video games ever made. This video game centers on Batman trying to take back control of Arkham Asylum after Joker killed most of the staff and took control of Arkham Island. Batman uses this Batarang and many other gadgets to beat the Joker and all the other super-criminals.

This batarang is one of the most versatile gadgets Batman has in his arsenal. It’s able to move in any direction Batman wants, with the added ability to boost or decrease in speed. It’s even able to make a u-turn. When passed through electricity, it keeps that electrical charge to destroy fuse boxes or take down enemies. The computer screen in the center of it even looks cool and high-tech.

The Batman Series

Batman throwing his Batarang in the 2004 Batman animated series.

This black and blue designed batarang was used in the 2004 The Batman animated series. This series was five seasons long and it showed Batman starting his superhero career all the way to joining the Justice League. This show gained a cult following and created the best Batarang to date.

Batman has modified these Batarangs to explode, release electricity, take pictures, and be able to fly and hover in mid-air as Batman remotely controls them. Batman also uses them as melee weapons in close-quarters combat. Batman has even attached one to his glove and used it as a buzzsaw. There’s no question that this is the most advanced and coolest Batarang to have even been released.

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