Batman's Newest Batsuit Makes His Origin Even Darker

Warning! Spoilers for Superman: Space Age #1 by DC Comics

The Dark Knight's Batsuit gets a new origin, as in a time of war, Batman created his armored costume in hopes of equipping soldiers with better gear and weapons. In Superman: Space Age #1 by DC Comics, Bruce Wayne makes a presentation to the U.S. Government on behalf of Wayne Enterprises, showcasing his creations, promising it's capable of delivering victory to the United States in the battles of the future. However, the defense contract doesn't end up with Bruce, leading him to become a hero and meet his fellow members of the Justice League.


Superman: Space Age #1 by DC Comics imagines the DC Universe through intense political moments throughout the history of the United States. The first issue deals with Pa Kent's tragic time as a soldier for the U.S. Army during World War II, as well as the Cold War and rising tensions between America and the Soviet Union. Amid the war, the U.S. Government asks two of the world's brightest minds to present potential solutions to ending the war. While Bruce Wayne would present an early version of the Batsuit wearable by soldiers, Lex Luthor offers a much more sinister approach, offering to hide the most important citizens on Earth as bombs go off above them.

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In Superman: Space Age #1 by Mark Russell, Mike Allred, Laura Allred, and Dave Sharpe by DC Comics, Bruce Wayne's presentation impresses the U.S. Generals watching. He showcases a new battle armor suitable for any climate, with utility belts with tools and weapons to catch the Soviets off guard. He also reveals that he's created a series of armored vehicles with unique functions. Bruce Wayne shares he's tested the armor and vehicles himself, as readers see the early prototype of Batman's Batsuit.

Wayne doesn't win the contract but decides to take it upon himself to become a hero during the time of war, donning an updated version of his prototype Batsuit, as he later suits up alongside the Justice League. Like Green Lantern, Batman's new origin is much darker than readers are used to, as he created the armor to help win the war against the Soviet Union. However, after losing his bid, he decides to use his technological innovation to make the world a better, safer place.

The prototype Batsuit could have helped the U.S. in the war, but in the end, the armor was rejected in favor of Lex Luthor's plan. While it might have hurt Bruce Wayne's ego at the time and is a much darker origin for the hero creating his Batsuit, he would use the armored costume to become Batman and form the Justice League. Ultimately, he became a hero after the rejection, as the U.S. Military's loss was his gain.