Better Call Saul: 8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mike Ehrmantraut

Of course, fans of Breaking Bad already know how the story ends for Mike Ehrmantraut. But seeing how it began for the character, how he started working with Saul and Gus Fring, and his journey before meeting Walter White is a big part of Better Call Saul.

Yes, Saul Goodman is the main character on the show, but it becomes abundantly clear that if it wasn’t for Mike, Saul would have been in a lot more trouble; and had he listened to Mike, he might have kept out of some of it. Hilariously, while Mike is a serious character, it’s for this reason that he has been memorialized in several memes.


Hold On…

It makes a great meme format from betterCallSaul

When Mike glares at someone and declares “don’t,” they immediately stop doing whatever it was they were doing and follow whatever directions come next. Mike has that way about him: people he comes across not only fear but also respects him.

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It could have something to do with his past as a police officer, which gives him inside knowledge of the law as well as the way the other side works. He knows how to get out of any jam and how to intimidate people. This meme, however, takes what would otherwise be a menacing scene and turns it into something hilarious.

Moving Man

The meme not only sums up Mike as one of the most powerful characters on Better Call Saul but also references a pivotal scene in the final season. Mike is the guy people call when they need something fixed, cleaned up, or prevented in the first place. When someone is in trouble and can’t imagine how they could ever get out of it, Mike is there with an easy solution, and never breaks a sweat doing it.

In this meme, which paints a big smile on Mike’s face (completely contrary to the character’s usual expression), he is moving a fridge out of a retail store. In the actual scene, of course, Mike had his guys deliver a new fridge to Jimmy so they could use his old fridge to transport Howard’s dead body, undetected.

I’ve Got A Guy

Guy named Guys from okbuddychicanery

There’s always that one person who seems to “have a guy” for everything. In the Better Call Saul universe, that guy is Mike. He has a guy for just about any job, and it isn’t just boasting: he comes through on his promises. Whether it is someone to get rid of a body, a highly trained person to work as security, someone with connections to weapons, or a person in the courthouse: it doesn’t matter. Mike knows someone who can help. And chances are, they owe him a favor.

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This meme pokes fun at that by stating that Mike not only has a guy, but his guy has another guy, and so on.

All His Emotions

A similar concept has been used for other characters, like Darth Vader. This one featuring Mike is just as hilarious. Fans of the show know that Mike rarely cracks a smile and often never shows emotion whatsoever, proving he is one of the bravest characters on Better Call Saul. When he is working, he is working and that is his primary focus.

The only time Mike is shown smiling is when he is with his granddaughter. He occasionally shows a twinge of remorse in his expression, such as when he was talking to Nacho’s father and when looking at Howard’s dead body being buried next to Lalo’s. But in front of others, especially when on the job, Mike is as stoic as they come.

On Social Media

Mike On Social Media from betterCallSaul

 Mike doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be on social media at all, even though there are plenty of Better Call Saul memes that would make even Mike laugh. He prefers to fly under the radar and stay out of the public eye. He rarely shares anything about his life with the people he knows personally much fewer strangers online.

Nonetheless, this meme pokes fun, again, at Mike’s often expressionless face. It’s a common meme that usually shows four different types of photos someone might share on each social networking site: a professional headshot on LinkedIn, for example, a family photo on Facebook, a photo with food on Instagram, and a party photo on Tinder. For Mike, it’s all the same because he wouldn’t be caught dead on any of those sites anyway.

Better Call Mike

 The truth of the matter, as this meme, created in the form of a mock movie poster, shows, is that Mike is the muscle behind everything that happens. Without him, things would not run smoothly for Saul, and certainly not Gus. He is the glue that holds it all together and pieces it back together when it breaks.

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Thus, a show called Better Call Mike would make sense. Like other fixer-type characters, such as Olivia Pope from Scandal and Ray Donovan from Ray Donovan, Mike gets the job done. There’s no need to ask questions as to how but know that he will succeed.

Gas Mask Mike

 Another meme poking fun at Mike’s often angry and serious look, this one is tough not to laugh at since it places the gas mask worn by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad over his head, as though he were working along with them.

 It’s funny because while Mike – one of the best characters on Better Call Saul, according to Reddit - was often tasked with doing the dirty work for Gus, Walter, and others, he was never actually involved in the cooking of the drugs themselves. And if he was ever thrust into a situation where he had to have anything to do with the goings on of the business besides his primary job, he would likely look exactly like this.

It’s Over

A funny meme about Mike from Better Call Saul.

Breaking up is never easy. Oftentimes, the person being broken up with is feeling dejected and upset while the person doing the breaking up has a hard time looking the other person in the eye. In this meme from Reddit, Mike presents as the type of person who would not take too well to someone trying to break up with him.

He was never seen in any romantic relationships on the show, or even with any true friendships, however. Mike was all about business, all the time. Everything in his life was transactional. Thus, no one could ever tell him things were done: that was his job, and despite his older age, he could bring even the youngest, fittest guys to their knees.

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