Big Brother 24: Week 6 Power Of Veto Results (Spoilers)

The results of the Big Brother 24 week 6 Power of Veto competition are in, courtesy of the live feeds, and the winner is Kyle Capener. Kyle is a member of the dominant seven-person Leftovers alliance, along with current Head of Household (HOH), Taylor Hale, who emerged victorious in the iconic Big Brother Wall Competition. The other members of the alliance are Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, and Matt "Turner" Turner. However, things have gotten complicated for Kyle in the game because he is in a showmance with Alyssa Snider, who is not in his alliance.


The Festie Besties twist is now over, so, as HOH, Taylor had more freedom with her nominations. She nominated Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos for eviction, with Terrance as her target. Terrance and Taylor have not been getting along in the house, so evicting him would be an easy choice. He was aligned with evicted houseguest Daniel Durston, who made Taylor a target on both a game and personal level while he was in the house. Taylor had limited choices for nominations because she did not want to put her alliance members or the women on the chopping block. She did not want to nominate Jasmine Davis because it is her birthday week.

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The Big Brother Power of Veto competition was the classic rewards and punishments game, and Kyle won. Now that the Festie Besties twist is over, three chips were pulled to determine who would play alongside Taylor, Terrance, and Indy. Taylor chose Alyssa when she pulled a houseguest's choice chip, which was a surprising selection. Jasmine and Kyle played for the veto as well because their chips were pulled.

Kyle Capener Big Brother

During the game, some of the Big Brother houseguests won prizes, including Jasmine (trip to London) and Alyssa ($5,000). Kyle's reward as the winner was the Power of Veto. For punishments, Taylor was chained to Joseph, and Terrance received fake tattoos. Indy was punished with the classic Big Brother unitard. There are many possible plans being floated around the house for the use of the veto, so fans will have to tune in to see which one the houseguests put into motion.

The Big Brother rewards and punishments veto always makes for a fun week in the house as the punishments are very entertaining to watch. The Leftovers once again have all the power for the week with Taylor as HOH and Kyle as the Power of Veto winner, but they have to remain loyal to each other to achieve their goal of making it intact to the Final 7. With all the blindsides this season, fans should expect the unexpected when it comes to who will become the first member of the Big Brother 24 jury.

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