Big Brother Called Out For Racial Bias Against Taylor Hale

CBS's Big Brother season 24 cast and production team were called out again as fans defended Taylor Hale against alleged racial misconduct on the show. Taylor has had a hard time connecting with most of the houseguests from day one. Many women in the house shunned the Michigan-based pageant queen because they felt she did not want to connect with them. Shortly after moving into the house, Taylor started bonding with the Big Brother guys first, which seemed to upset Alyssa Snider, Paloma Aguilar and some of the other ladies.

The ladies wrote Taylor off ever since the first night and seemingly took every opportunity to bully her. They have not been making things easy for Taylor, who broke down in tears and quietly sobbed in the bathroom after a few days. Although it is unclear why she got emotional, it was believed that she overheard Paloma gossiping about her. Many viewers have been displeased by how others treat Taylor and have defended her on social media. After seeing the video of Taylor crying, various fans took to social media to say that she doesn't deserve to be treated that way and believing that the production team should handle the situation.


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However, another Twitter user, Alle2real, called out Big Brother again shortly after the crying scene. The fan sent a direct message to the production team on Twitter, posting an image of a note that addressed the "vile treatment" against Taylor in the house. The tweet, posted with the hashtags #blackwomencantwin #bb24, stated that the show has not been about the game while noting that there has been bias in how cast members are treated. The fan asked for changes and urged other viewers to retweet, writing, "The bias the DARKSKINNED black women face is absolutely is a trend and MUST be stopped," also adding, "Pin to your profile if possible...keep @ CBS. And keep retweeting!!!"

#blackwomencantwin #bb24

— Alleisha (@alle2real) July 10, 2022

Many Big Brother viewers have had Taylor's back since they started noticing the ill-treatment she received from other cast members. Former franchise star Xavier Prather also joined fans in her defense, tweeting in reference to the all-Black alliance that he helped create, "The treatment of Taylor in #BB24 is a prime example of why The Cookout was formed." Xavier continued, "Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color stand no chance in the Big Brother House due to perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society." He ended his tweet by acknowledging that some of his past actions might have contributed to the current houseguests' behavior and apologized.

Taylor may be finding it difficult to bond with her fellow Big Brother houseguests, but the love she is getting from fans keeps increasing outside the show. Fans have been rooting for a change on the show after some Big Brother housemates started targeting Taylor. However, with the new tweets and series of posts in Taylor's defense that have been popping up non-stop on social media, it appears that fans will not relent until the producers work on improving the situation. However, one can only hope Taylor learns to deal with the situation and play her game, pending if and when producers do something about fans' concerns.