Black Noir's Jet Is a Major Clue to The Boys' Biggest Twist

Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic book and television series below

Black Noir's jet provided one of the most significant clues about the character's shocking Homelander connection, as the vehicle teased The Boys' biggest twist before it was revealed in the series. In The Boys #48 by Dynamite Comics, Black Noir accidentally destroys his jet, but despite the explosion, he emerges from the fire unscathed. The moment illustrates the Batman-like Supe was more Superman and closer to Homelander and his powers than previously believed.

In The Boys comic book series, Black Noir is The Seven's parody of Batman, as he is the strong and silent type from one of the worst cities with the most dangerous villains. Black Noir doesn't speak as he takes the Dark Knight's stoic personality and approach to being a hero to the next level. However, after the comic revealed Black Noir was secretly a clone of Homelander designed to take him down with his powers should he ever lose control, the character became more of an evil Superman satire than Batman. But, before the twist came to light, Black Noir's jet hinted at what was coming for the Supe.


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In The Boys #48 by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, Simon Bowland, Tony Avina, and Darrick Robertson, senior Vought-American officer Jessica Bradley is given a tour of The Seven's headquarters, where she's shown a demonstration of Black Noir flying his jet. However, despite the Supe having been training for days, the jet crashes immediately upon lift-off, as Black Noir accidentally kills his flight instructor. Despite the fiery crash, Black Noir emerges from the destruction without a scratch, as he's not harmed despite being lit on fire. While readers had an idea of Black Noir's powers, the crash hinted at him being a Homelander clone, as only a hero like him could survive such a violent scene.

Black Noir Jet

The Boys set up the entire moment to make Black Noir seem like Batman, as he had his own Dark Knight-styled jet. But, the Supe immediately crashing it showed he wasn't Batman, but instead, was something else entirely, further hinting at the twist about his Homelander-like powers and connection.

Ultimately, while the twist that Black Noir was secretly a Homelander clone all along was shocking, the comic book provided enough hints, including the Supe crashing his jet, that set up the surprise reveal. Furthermore, Black Noir being able to survive the explosion and walk away from the incident proved he was more like Homelander and less like the Batman-type hero The Boys teased him as being throughout the series. The fiery moment foreshadowed the comic's ultimate twist without giving it away.