Blonde: Marilyn Monroe's 10 Best Quotes From Real Life

The magnetic and enigmatic Marilyn Monroe has had a firm hold on the public imagination since she broke out on the scene in the 50s, but fans have renewed their interest in the Some Like It Hot star amid the runup to Blonde. This biopic stars Ana de Armas in the role of the troubled sex icon, and fans are hoping that they will get to learn more about the gorgeous superstar in the movie.

Monroe was especially famous for her witty and intelligent quotes, which she spoke in her signature breathy tone. Her observations about life and the world were accurate, succinct, and women and people all around the world could learn a thing or two from her most memorable sayings.


Marilyn On Conquering The World

"A Wise Girl Knows Her Limits. A Smart Girl Knows That She Has None."

Marilyn Munroe Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Said by Monroe in 1953, this quote described the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes actress' own meteoric rise to fame perfectly. Marilyn not only revolutionized sex and being a sex symbol in midcentury Hollywood, but also honed her comedic and acting skills in order to be taken seriously.

Monroe featured in some top movies, mainly because she did not let social or mental limitations stop her from getting what she set out to achieve. She  shed her inhibitions and paved her way to stardom.

Marilyn On Living Fully

"We Should All Start To Live Before We Get Too Old."

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

Unfortunately, Marilyn herself lived only up to the age of 36, but a little over a decade earlier, in 1951, the blonde bombshell urged people to forget the rules and live life the way they want to. To her it made no sense to adhere to someone else's way of life.

Monroe lived life according to her own will, and almost foreshadowed her own untimely demise when she voiced her opinion on how to live youthfully while it lasted. Fans hope to hear these quotes in Blonde which is based on her true story.

Marilyn On Skipping Regrets

"Fear Is Stupid. So Are Regrets."

Marilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl

One of her less verbose statements, this succinct quote by Norma Jeane is still one of her more powerful ones. As a child, she went into foster care and orphanages, but fought against her fears and mental blocks to escape the system and make something of herself.

The actress said this in 1953, when she was well on her way to becoming a leading megastar. When she had to marry to leave the governmental system, she did it. When she had to pose nude to eat, she did that as well. Monroe marched on with nary a regret or fear about what she did or was about to do.

Marilyn On Building Talent

"I Restore Myself When I’m Alone. A Career Is Born In Public, Talent In Privacy."

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara

Much of Monroe's life was spent in the spotlight — even the parts that she wanted to keep private. The world watched her ascent towards stardom, and even when they couldn't look beyond her blonde image, she worked hard in acting classes to hone her talent.

Monroe was incredibly sharp in her observations, and was absolutely accurate when she said that her career was an incredibly public one, but her acting skills and hard work were not seen by the people.

Marilyn Speaks Her Truth

“I Am Good But Not An Angel. I Do Sin, But I Am Not The Devil. I Am Just A Small Girl In A Big World Trying To Find Someone To Love.”

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe smiling.

In 1954, Marilyn Monroe laid bare her inner workings. Even though she was the most envied and desirable woman in the world, that's all she really was at the end of the day: a woman. She was only human, and also keenly self aware of her strengths and shortcomings.

There is still so much to learn about Marilyn Monroe, but she was quite clear about who she was when she walked the earth. Her trauma had led her down a path of wanting to be loved and accepted by men, which led to her spate of marriages and heartbreaks.

Marilyn On Stardom

"I Want To Say That The People, If I Am A Star, The People Made Me A Star. No Studio, No Person, But The People Did."

Marilyn Monroe feature

A certified star, Monroe's humility was always on display. She attributed all of her success to the people who loved and adored her, and those were her fans. She had tumultuous relations with studios and individuals, and her fans were her constant source of love and adoration.

She had the grace and intelligence to recognize that there were many factors at play in her success in Hollywood, and she did well to remember them.

Marilyn On Her Real Self

“I Never Wanted To Be Marilyn. It Just Happened. Marilyn’s Like A Veil I Wear Over Norma Jeane.”

Marilyn Monroe in a bedroom in Don't Bother to Knock

This nuanced statement was said by Marilyn to photographer Lawrence Schiller, as recorded in Bombshells: Five Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire. Schiller was snapping the pool scene in Monroe's unfinished Something's Got To Give when she admitted that her public persona was very different from her real self.

Marilyn was the shiny veneer laid atop a sweet and insecure young woman who had been through entirely too much in life. Norma Jeane slipped in and out of this persona easily, which made her a natural in front of the camera.

Marilyn On Fame

“Fame Is Like Caviar, You Know. It’s Good To Have Caviar But Not When You Have It At Every Meal.”

Anyone would have switched places with Marilyn Monroe at the height of her fame and success, but in 1954, it seemed like the cracks were showing. Monroe hinted at the adversities she was facing due to the intense scrutiny she faced as a global star.

She enjoyed being seen and loved, but she couldn't control people's perceptions of her, nor could she prevent the bad things about her life from spreading like wildfire. Her manner of describing this problem was poetic.

Marilyn's Thoughts On Fame

"Hollywood Is A Place Where They'll Pay You $1,000 For A Kiss And 50 Cents For Your Soul."

Marilyn Monroe Niagra

By 1950, Marilyn Monroe knew how Hollywood worked, especially for women at that time. The young woman had been through her share of exploitation and distress, and she knew that her body and the allure of a kiss was a lot more important than her soul and thoughts for studios and the men who ran them.

Perhaps this was another indication of the mental anguish that the star was already suffering at the time. Her quote hinted at how troubled she was.

Marilyn Described A True Lover

"The Real Lover Is The Man Who Can Thrill You Just By Touching Your Head Or Smiling Into Your Eyes. Or Just By Staring Into Space."

The Lost Tapes Marilyn Monroe

Happily married to Arthur Miller in 1956, Monroe gushed about who she thought was the ideal lover. This quote reflected plainly her feelings for Miller, and that just a smile or a simple touch was enough for Norma Jeane to fall for him.

In her heart, Marilyn was a sweet young woman who yearned for the love she had been denied as a child. She found fragments of happiness with her husbands, but she understood the emotion well.

Marilyn On Finding Herself

"Millions Of People Live Their Entire Lives Without Finding Themselves, But It Is Something I Must Do."

Pola Debevoise smiling in How to Marry a Millionaire.

This 1954 reflects the determination and inner strength of Marilyn Monroe. She didn't know how short her life was going to be, but the years that she lived, she tried to figure out the purpose of her life, which was acting and finding happiness.

In a way, Monroe did find her purpose, at least when it came to work. It's impossible to know the real inner workings of her mind and heart, but she certainly tried her best to find herself and make the most of her tragically short life.

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