Warning! SPOILERS for Boo, Bitch episodes 1-8.

The conclusion of Netflix's Boo, Bitch sees Erika Vu (Moonshot's Lana Condor) help her friend Gia (Zoe Colletti) ascend to the afterlife via attending Parkway High School's senior prom. A supernaturally-inspired take on a high-school comedy, Boo, Bitch's story initially denoted Erika as having died after a moose struck her while walking home from a party with Gia. As it turns out, Erika was living her life thinking she was a ghost in her final days on Earth, which makes Boo, Bitch's ending all the more enthralling.

Created and written by Erin Ehrlich, Lauren Iungerich, Tim Schauer, and Kuba Soltysiak, Boo, Bitch features a variety of archetypal high-school characters. Alongside Condor and Colletti as the best friends that almost no one recognizes, the series stars Mason Versaw and Aparna Brielle as Jake C. and Riley, who live among the school's popular crowd and engage in an on-and-off relationship. Boo, Bitch's cast also includes Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Jami Alix, and Jason Genao.


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From what began as an amusing, paranormal tale of high-schoolers, Boo, Bitch ended on a heartwarming and sincere note. Erika learns the true value of friendship and that living for others' approval isn't worth it. Once Gia is gone, she decides to start anew following her high school graduation as she looks toward college. These are all of the main plot points from Boo, Bitch's finale explained.

Why Gia Disappears And How She Comes Back

Zoe Colletti as Gia in Boo, Bitch episode 8

When Boo, Bitch episode 8 begins, Gia's ghostly presence is fading after her and Erika's falling out. Erika determines that Gia's unfinished business is going to prom with Gavin. Erika searches for Gia, though she's nowhere to be found. Believing Gia to have passed on, Erika begs for a sign, and it appears that Gia wants Erika to go to prom. As a result, Boo, Bitch's season 1 finale sees Erika and Gavin coordinate to grant Gia's final wish. Sure enough, after Erika shows up to prom alone, Gia appears and has her romantic moment with Gavin. Evidently, Gia's renewed presence resulted from her bonds with Erika and Gavin.

Why No One Noticed Gia's Death

Boo, Bitch. Zoe Margaret Colletti as Gia in episode 107 of Boo, Bitch. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022

It seems bizarre that Gia's death goes virtually unnoticed by everyone in the series other than Erika. It's also strange that Gia's body decomposes under the moose, going untouched for over a month. Ultimately, the disregard for Gia's passing shows how many of her peers were so preoccupied with themselves that they would not notice or care about such a tragedy. Boo, Bitch also illustrates how a selfless person like Gia always sacrificed for her friends and never got anything in return. At the series' conclusion, Erika realizes that she had previously unappreciated her best friend and pays tribute to her in a speech after the prom king and queen are announced. While the Netflix series' oversight of what typically happens when someone dies or goes missing is glaring, the public's unawareness of Gia's disappearance paves the way for Erika's character development and Gia's ending in which she finally is recognized by others.

What Happens To Gia Explained

Zoe Colletti as Gia in Boo, Bitch episode 8

In episode 6, it was revealed that Gia's corpse instead of Erika's lay under the dead moose. At the start of Boo, Bitch's finale, Erika realizes that only she and Gavin, who acts as a spiritual medium, can see Gia. By flipping the script, Boo, Bitch pits Erika as the one helping her friend fulfill her unfinished business after Gia had supported her in a similar manner earlier in the show. As determined before Boo, Bitch episode 8, a dead person ascends to the afterlife after completing their final duties on Earth. Gia can finally move on after dancing with Gavin at prom and resolving her friendship with Erika. She ascends by disappearing in a golden orb after Erika's speech leads to her being crowned prom queen posthumously and the prom attendees chant her name.

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Are Erika And Jake C. Back Together?

Boo, Bitch. (L to R) Lana Condor as Erika, Mason Versaw as Jake C in episode 104 of Boo, Bitch. Cr. Erik Voake/Netflix © 2022

The whirlwind that was Erika and Jake C.'s relationship saw them spark interest in each other in Boo, Bitch episode 1. After Jake C. broke up with Riley, he pursued Erika, who hesitated to reciprocate his advances. Eventually, Erika and Jake C's romance blossomed and the two became the school's premiere couple. When Erika's confidence and popularity soared to the point of arrogance, Jake C. fell out of love and broke up with her. His rocky relationship with Riley made a comeback when the two went to prom as friends. However, Jake C. and Erika appear to have reconciled and are a couple again at Boo, Bitch's conclusion. Although they arrived at the event separately, they eventually come face-to-face during the celebration. They decide to start over because Jake C. realizes that he never got to know the real Erika Vu. The pair later share a kiss during the prom afterparty, which confirms their revived passion for each other.

The bigger question, though, revolves around whether Erika and Jake C. are still a couple following graduation as they move on to college. Boo, Bitch, unfortunately, does not answer this query. The show's closing moments take place after Erika has started her college journey, though the scene does not hint at her connection to Jake C. It's unknown how post-graduation life affected Erika and Jake C. and if the prospect of a long-distance relationship dissolved their love. Boo, Bitch season 2 is far from guaranteed given the show's distinction as a limited series. However, any potential follow-up starring Condor would likely address the future of Erika and Jake C.'s romance.

Erika's Lava Lamp Explained

Erika's lava lamp glowing in Boo, Bitch episode 8

Boo, Bitch's final scene depicts Erika in her dorm as a college freshman five months after prom night. Her roommate walks in and hands her a package containing a lava lamp. She takes the lamp out of its box and as she's leaving her room, she glances behind her to see that the lamp has lit up even though it's unplugged. This calls back to earlier in the series when Erika joked about her soul becoming trapped in a lava lamp after dying. Erika's final line, "I see you, bitch," references the bond Erika and Gia shared at that moment and nods to the now constant presence of Erika's dead friend lighting up her lava lamp.