BOTW 2 Can Learn From Ocarina Of Time's Most Notorious Temple

Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are eagerly awaiting the sequel, currently referred to as Breath of the Wild 2 since an official title has yet to be revealed. While they wait, there is much speculation about what BOTW 2 will have in it, if it will be more like the first Breath of the Wild or if it will take some more inspiration from earlier titles in the franchise. One such topic of speculation is if themed temples will make a return in Breath of the Wild 2, and if they do make a return, there are some important lessons the game can learn from Ocarina of Time's most notorious temple.


If there is one particular place that Legend of Zelda fans might collectively agree upon as the most frustrating temple, that is likely the infamous Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. There are many temples that include frustrating gimmicks or sometimes easily overlooked mechanisms or key items. Some temples require excessive backtracking or navigating invisible barriers. All of these can be a pain to deal with, but when it comes to temples as a whole, most fans can agree that Ocarina of Time's Water Temple is the most hated.

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A combination of the inhibited range of motions caused by the usage of the iron boots to traverse underwater and the uninhibited movement of the water enemies makes the combat in the water temple much more brutal as the enemies seem to have no issue attacking Link, who can barely dodge anymore. In addition, the temple hinges around changing the water level in the temple to make certain puzzles and rooms work but requires Link to go to a specific hidden switch to change the water level, which can lead to constant backtracking as Link doesn't have control over the water level on demand. One mistake can send Link traipsing back across the temple in hopes of getting the water level correct this time and being able to proceed again.

BOTW 2 Can Avoid Ocarina Of Time's Water Temple Mistakes

Link s wimming in the Water Temple level in Zelda Ocarina Of Time

The Water Temple isn't the only bad Zelda dungeon, though the same issues from that temple make a reappearance in the other temples. Breath of the Wild 2 can combat one major hurdle of the Water Temple by utilizing a mechanic already seen in the Divine Beasts of Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah Slate. While in each of the Divine Beasts Link was able to manipulate their orientation by accessing the Sheikah Slate map of the area. By allowing Link to control the level of water in the temple through the map, the need for excessive backtracking disappears, and there is less prevention of progression. Inhibiting movement, forward progression, and excessive backtracking are all things that Breath of the Wild 2 should avoid.

Not all players want to look at a guide just to be able to complete a portion of the game, but it is worth noting that the Water Temple has built a certain amount of notoriety around being the toughest dungeon. The Zelda franchise is known for difficult puzzles, with beautiful dungeons hiding many puzzle challenges, and having a tough temple in Breath of the Wild 2 wouldn't be a bad thing, just so long as it avoids the major frustrations of Ocarina of Time's Water Temple.