Captain America Admits What He Really Thinks of Iron Man's Armor

Warning! Contains spoilers for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1

In the first issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Steve Rogers' Captain America shares his true thoughts on the armor of his famous teammate, Tony Stark/Iron Man. The relationship between Stark and Rogers has long been both friendly and at times adversarial. Though the two both stand as renowned heroes and integral Avengers, the duo is known to butt heads over differing ideologies. This admiration of the armor reminds readers that at the end of the day, Cap still recognizes Tony Stark as a man worth his mettle.


Captain America's costume is one of the character's most important aspects. With the instantly iconic Star and Stripes of his Costume accompanied with his red, white, and blue shield, Captain America is the ultimate hero and an inspiration to millions. Before going on his most recent mission with longtime friend Bucky Barnes, Sentinel of Liberty #1 sees Steve Rogers take the time to admire his Captain America costume. His costume's already-established iconography allows Steve to wear something evocative of the dream he fights to protect, saying, "Every time I step onto the field, I get to armor myself in meaning."

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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1, by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Carmen Carnero, is one of two Captain America series currently running. The other, Captain America: Symbol of Truth by Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva, just released its second issue where Sam Wilson confirms what every Captain America shares. While some might find wearing Captain America's costume to be a huge responsibility, Steve says he prefers representing his own country to the pressure of having to make one's own symbol and fight to maintain it, specifically referencing Iron Man and the invention of his own armor: "The heroes who followed me didn't have the benefit of Dr. Erskine's vita-rays. So they wrapped themselves in armor. Technology and self-made symbols. They had to work at it. Forge something new and hope to god it lasted."

Captain America comments on Iron Man's armor.

This allusion shows Cap's great respect for his fellow Avenger - despite their differences. Some stories such as 2012's The Avengers film show Steve viewing the Iron Man suit as some externality to Tony Stark. Stark may have built the suit, but his heroism is extricable. That isn't the case here; instead, Captain America shows Tony respect through admiration of his work. Rather than painting himself the bigger hero due to having the simpler costume, Steve defers his struggle to Tony's. To Captain America, representing established ideals is the easy part. Making a name for oneself and maintaining that symbolism seems the more difficult task. It's this kind of appreciation between the two heroes that makes their conflicts more exciting, especially when Captain America actually outsmarts a genius like Iron Man. Much like Batman and Superman, the infighting hits hardest when the audience knows them as friends first.

This comment reminds readers of the best of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark's relationship. Though the two are sometimes adversarial, Rogers still holds a deep respect for Stark and his value as a hero. Some iterations of Captain America think its the suit that makes the hero when it comes to Iron Man. Kelley and Lanzing's Cap knows it's the hero that made the suit.