Captain America’s Avengers Training is Way Too Brutal for the MCU

While the Avengers in the MCU never underwent any sort of conditioning together as they trusted each other to keep themselves battle-ready on their own time, the team certainly trained together in Marvel Comics especially when Captain America took over as the team’s leader. However, while Captain America’s tutelage helped the Avengers become more of a cohesive team, the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should feel lucky they never worked out together to begin with as Cap’s training regimen was far too brutal for the MCU.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America joined the Avengers in Avengers #4 after he was discovered frozen in ice following his final mission during World War II. Even though Rogers wasn’t a founding member, he quickly became irreplaceable on the team and was even elected its leader in Avengers #16. In that issue, the original Avengers decided to take a leave of absence after finding the appropriate replacement Avengers. Since the founding members were leaving and the Avengers would consist of nothing but inexperienced heroes, Captain America was made the leader and was tasked with getting the new team into shape–a task Captain America may have taken a little too far.


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In Avengers #17 by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Captain America is settling into his new role as the leader of the Avengers, and he immediately gets to work with his new team. The new Avengers roster consisted of Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver, and while each hero was incredibly powerful and highly skilled in their own ways, they still had a lot to learn if they wanted to truly be considered Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. So, Captain America brings them to the training room within the Avengers Facility and decides to put Hawkeye’s skills to the test first. While Hawkeye hits every target Captain America sets up for him with ease, Cap launches an unexpected attack against Hawkeye in the form of a strong burst of flames that seemingly came out of nowhere, one that almost killed Clint right then and there. However, Quicksilver used his lightning-fast speed to save Hawkeye before he was killed, which was exactly what Captain America had planned.

Captain America's training is too brutal for the MCU.

Captain America deliberately put one of his own team members into life-threatening danger just to test the reaction time of another Avenger who wasn’t even running through a training course at that time. This was an insane tactic that bordered on villainous as it made it seem as though Captain America was willing to sacrifice members of his team if they weren’t strong enough to survive his training course, something that is actually a fairly common super-villain trope. Presenting Captain America in such a ruthless light would be way too dark for the MCU as it would make him come off as an apathetic maniac who only cares about his team growing in strength rather than their well-being.

In the comics, this scene can be played-up as a ‘Danger Room’ type of situation that just shows how Captain America is willing to put his crew through perilous situations to get them ready for real-world combat, resulting in a stronger team and a safer world. However, while this may work to some extent in the comics, it would translate incredibly poorly to live action as the characters would definitely have a problem with Captain America risking their lives without their consent in the name of making them stronger–proving that Captain America’s Avengers training is just too brutal for the MCU.