Captain Marvel's Eye Beams Would Actually Make Cyclops Jealous

While it can be a bit inconvenient at times, there is no denying that Cyclops’ optic blasts are immensely powerful as they have the force that can blow a hole in the side of a mountain like it’s nothing. Yet, despite his power’s undeniable strength, Cyclops would be jealous of Captain Marvel’s eye beams.

Scott Summers aka Cyclops is one of the original members of the X-Men and still plays a vital role on the team to this day. Scott is a mutant with the power to create immensely powerful optic blasts, though this ability isn’t as it seems. Rather than harnessing a power that is derived from inside of him as most other mutants are able to do, Cyclops has access to another dimension through his eyes, a dimension of pure concussive energy. Whenever Scott opens his eyes, he automatically accesses that dimension and releases the raw power it holds. Unfortunately, Cyclops is unable to turn off this power, so literally every time he opens his eyes, he shoots deadly blasts uncontrollably, which is why he is always either wearing sunglasses or a specialty visor that grants him control over the blasts while he wears it.


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In Captain Marvel #32 by Kelly Thompson and Sergio Davila, Captain Marvel is unexpectedly attacked by an unknown assailant, though she immediately recognizes the assault as the work of her greatest enemy. The attacker is wearing a symbiote-like suit controlled by Vox Supreme, and Carol knows this because, in a previous story arc, she was trapped in a suit just like it. Knowing how dangerous this enemy could be given their affiliation with Vox Supreme, Captain Marvel doesn’t hold back and gives the villain everything she has as her life may have very well depended on it. When the black-suit warrior had Captain Marvel pinned, Carol had no other means of attack than to fire her photon blasts from her eyes, which gave her the upper hand she needed to defeat the mysterious foe.

Captain Marvel's eye beams would make Cyclops jealous.

After Captain Marvel reveals that she can shoot cosmically-powerful blasts from her eyes in this issue, she goes on to do it again in a later comic which proves she can do so whenever she needs to and then go back to using her eyes just for seeing. Captain Marvel’s eye beams seem to be just as powerful as Cyclops’ given the damage they did to the Vox-suit attacker compared to Carol's normal photon blasts. For this reason, Cyclops would be incredibly jealous of Captain Marvel as she can shoot beams from her eyes at will without sacrificing the sheer power of the optic blasts.

While Captain Marvel’s version of Cyclops’ power seems like a massive upgrade, the ability does come with a pretty hefty twist. Whenever Captain Marvel shoots beams from her eyes, she isn’t able to see through the blast so she is effectively firing blind. However, once Captain Marvel has a target in sight and takes the shot, she doesn’t necessarily need to watch the blast hit her target, especially if she is sure of the shot before she takes it as shown in this issue–though not being sure she hit what she is aiming at while firing is a definite shortfall to this particular ability. Despite the drawbacks, the fact that Captain Marvel can still create incredibly powerful optic blasts and then turn off that power at will proves that Cyclops would assuredly be jealous, no matter the shortcomings associated with the attack.