Claim To Fame: Format & Rules Explained By Frankie & Kevin Jonas

The new reality competition series Claim to Fame premieres on July 11, and hosts Frankie and Kevin Jonas explained the format and rules. Claim to Fame follows 12 lesser-known celebrity relatives as they move into a house and attempt to keep their identities secret from each other. In order to win the $100,000 prize, the contestants will compete in challenges, form alliances, and play DNA detective.

Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the co-hosts of Claim to Fame, are brothers whose relationship fits the premise of the show perfectly. Kevin is one of the members of the superstar pop group the Jonas Brothers, along with his brothers Joe and Nick. However, because he is not in the band, many fans are not aware that Frankie is the fourth Jonas brother. He is nicknamed the "Bonus Jonas." In a previously released trailer for Claim to Fame, the show revealed that relatives of Zendaya, Whoopi Goldberg, Chuck Norris, and Simone Biles would appear on the show. The contestants' names and photographs were also released, so fans who are good at Internet detective work might be able to figure out who the celebrity relatives might be.


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In an interview with TV Insider, Frankie and Kevin revealed the format and rules of Claim to Fame. They shared that, although as hosts they guided the 12 players through the game, they had no idea who the famous celebrities were. They were playing along with the contestants in order to solve the mystery. Clues are hidden everywhere in the Claim to Fame house, including the art work. Kevin explained, "The house was fully art directed, so when they walked in, every statue, every painting was possibly a clue to someone’s identity. It was really fun to see people go down the rabbit hole. It also was really fun when they were down the wrong rabbit hole the whole time." The house also includes a Clue Wall, which contains pictures and 3D images of objects having to do with each celebrity relative. The houseguests are fully sequestered, with no television, no Internet access, and no connection to the outside world.

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TV Insider revealed that, on the Claim to Fame series premiere, the contestants play an icebreaker game of two truths and a lie, in which they have to figure out which "fact" is the lie. The episode also features a surprise talent show with a live audience whose reactions will determine who gains immunity for the week and who could be sent home. For the eliminations, there will be a Guess-Off at the end of each episode, during which the players will vote between the bottom two finishers in the challenge. The person who gets the most votes will become the Guesser. The Guesser then must try to correctly guess one of the other competitors' identities, not including the immune player. If the Guesser guesses correctly, they will be safe and the contestant whose identity is revealed will go home. However, if the Guesser is wrong, they are eliminated from the competition.

The new show Claim to Fame is a fun twist on the usual reality competition series. The added factor of concealing the contestants' identities will keep audiences guessing all summer long. It will be exciting and intriguing to see how the competitors try to keep their true selves secret. With hosts Frankie and Kevin, the show is sure to be a big hit.