Criminal Minds: 10 Quotes That Prove Derek And Spencer Have The Best Friendship

Criminal Minds was a staple on TV for 15 years, earning multiple Emmy Awards and People Choice Awards. With the recent news about returning and new cast for the Paramount+ revival series, fans are excited to see their favorite agents back on screen (per ScreenRant).

The talks of a revival also has fans reminiscing on the best moments and friendships from the initial 15 seasons. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid were a fan favorite from the get-go, their contrasting personalities but deep care and worry for each other often served as a plot point throughout the seasons. Here are some of the best quotes to prove they had the best friendship.


Their Prank War

"Feel free to call me if you have any other background questions, my phone number is 702-555-0103, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid."

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Prank War

Criminal Minds is such a serious show, there are few and far between moments of humor. Most of the time, Spencer and Derek provide these lighthearted moments, and their prank war has gone down as one of the funniest plot points out of the whole show.

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Although Hotch isn't a fan of their ongoing antics, it's clear both boys have no limit in how far their willing to push each other, with Derek giving out Spencer's information live on air. Spencer gets him back later, but it's a moment that truly showcases the brotherly bond they have.

Their Brotherly Bickering

"Don't make me smack you in front of all these people."

Spencer Reid Stood In Front Of Whiteboard, Derek Morgan Behind Him

While it's clear that Derek and Spencer have a deep respect and trust for each other, they often show it in funny ways. Including their bickering and brotherly fighting.

In this scene specifically, Spencer is arguing with Derek about which road they should have taken to get to the crime scene quicker. Derek, stubborn as always, argues with Reid, threatening to smack him in front of the crowd of people around the crime scene. Spencer sees the humor in this, as does Derek, both of them providing much-needed comic relief to what was escalating into a serious scene.

Derek's Nickname For Spencer

"Pretty boy."

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Talking

There are several instances throughout the series where Derek refers to Spencer as "Pretty Boy", each one as endearing as the last. Derek is the only one to give Spencer a nickname, and the only one to use one consistently.

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Spencer, at first, seems a little annoyed by the nickname, but as the seasons go on, he warms to it. The nickname always comes from a place of genuine care and humor. It's a heartwarming reflection of their friendship and how close the two are.

Derek's Reaction To Spencer's Poisoning

"Reid, I'm gonna see you off to the hospital."

Derek Looking Over Spencer Asleep In A Hospital Bed

In episode 24 of season 4, titled 'Amplification', Reid is poisoned by Anthrax without realizing it. He spends the entire episode racing to find a cure in the UnSubs house, much to the dismay of his team.

Perhaps no one is more upset, than Derek, who insists on not leaving Reid's side, even if they are separated by plastic to keep Derek safe. He watches as Spencer deteriorates and is angry at himself for not being able to help. Once they find the cure, Derek wastes no time in getting Reid the help he needs. Seeing Derek so upset over Reid's safety is another example of how deeply he cares for him.

Derek's Family Knows About Spencer

"You're Doctor Reid, right? Derek talks about you."

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Stood Infront Of Car

When the team returns to Derek's hometown after they're called there, Derek is arrested under false claims and the team works around the clock to clear his name. Spencer finally meets Derek's sisters, to which they tell him they've heard plenty about him.

It's an endearing thought to think of Derek telling his family about Spencer, so much so that they already know a lot about him. During what is an intense episode, the small moments of friendship, especially between Derek and Spencer, provide welcome relief.

Spencer Trying To Learn Baseball

"Reid, that's not feeling it." "I'm feeling like an idiot."

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Playing Baseball

In season 8, episode 6, Derek is trying to teach Spencer how to play baseball, specifically how to hit the ball. Spencer is struggling with it after admitting sports have never been his strong suit.

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Despite Spencer's anticipations, Derek is patient with him and tries multiple different methods and suggestions to get him to hit the ball. It's another scene between the two of them where their friendship is clear, Derek understands Spencer's anxieties and tries to work around them the best he can. When Spencer finally hits a ball at the end of the episode, Derek is ecstatic and rushes to celebrate with him.

Derek's Surprise Return

"I reached out to Reid, I wanna see him, I gotta see him."

Derek makes a surprise return after his departure from the show, to support Garcia through a tough case. There's a heartwarming moment between Garcia and Derek, one that fans wish was longer.

Unforatnetly, viewers don't see Derek and Spencer interact on screen. However, he does mention stopping in to visit his best friend, insisting that he has to see him. Although fans don't see this scene, the determination in Derek's voice to see Spencer is enough to reinforce their friendship is still going strong.

The Elevator Scene

"There are six elevator related death per year with making ten thousands injuries required hospitalization. Chill out!"

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Stuck In Elevator

In season 3, episode 3, fans see Derek and Spencer stuck in an elevator. It's a delightfully funny scene, as both characters are freaking out in their way, even tough-guy Derek Morgan seems to be afraid of being stuck in an elevator.

Reid is telling Derek to stop messing with the buttons, to which Derek argues back, apparently, Derek always has to have the last word, until the elevator drops a few feet. It's hilarious to see both men freaking out together, a moment that surely bonds them going forward. They both joke about it after they escape, clearly their friendship is stronger for it.

Spencer's Growth

"I don't want you to stay, because I know why you're leaving, and I couldn't be happier for you."

Derek Morgan Says Goodbye To Spencer Reid

Spencer struggles the most with social situations out of anyone on the team. He also goes through the most personal growth, and this is evident in this scene with Derek.

He's undeniable close with Derek, and in previous seasons the thought of Derek leaving would push Spencer to express his insecurities and ask him to stay. However, he doesn't. He understands that Derek has things greater than himself to worry about now, including his son and wife, so Spencer tells him it's okay and lets him go, no matter how painful it is for him. It's heart-achingly difficult to watch, to see both men clearly still care so deeply for each other, but Derek has to move on. It's also a great example of how far their friendship has come, that both of them can exist without the other holding them up.

Derek Naming His Son After Reid

"Hank is for my pops. But Spencer is the best little brother anybody could ever ask for. I love you, kid."

Derek Morgan And Spencer Reid Hugging

Derek's departure from the show is one that left fans emotional, for many reasons. Perhaps the most emotional of all was when he revealed the name of his son to Spencer. It's a scene that had every fan choking back tears at the love and respect Derek displayed for Spencer, and one that had Spencer show a rare display of emotions.

It was the perfect way for their last on-screen interaction to go, leaving viewers bittersweet about the beautiful friendship.

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