D&D Beyond Releases Free Spelljammer Adventure

The first of four Spelljammer adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5e is now available to download for free on the D&D Beyond website. This mini-campaign is leading up to the release of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space on August 16, which will finally bring the Spelljammer campaign setting into the current edition of D&D.

The Spelljammer campaign setting introduces magical spaceships to D&D, which can be used to explore the multiverse. The Spelljammer spaceships are not quite the USS Enterprise, as many of them are nautical sailing ships that have been enchanted to sail the stars, but they still allow for interstellar travel. The void of space between the D&D campaign worlds is home to explorers, merchants, and pirates, all of which are trying to make their way in the galaxy. The people who wish to visit different worlds can do so easily using magic, but there are many treasures waiting to be found in the spaces between the familiar campaign settings.


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The first official Spelljammer content for D&D 5e is now available for free on D&D Beyond. Wizards of the Coast has released the first of four Spelljammer prequel adventures for D&D, which are collectively known as Spelljammer Academy. The first chapter is called "Orientation", and the upcoming parts will be named "Trial by Fire", "Realmspace Sortie", and "Behold... H'Catha". H'Catha is the name of one of the planets in the same solar system as Toril, the homeworld of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer Galleon

Spelljammer Academy is a school that takes a few cues from the Starfleet Academy in Star Trek. The world of Toril is protected from outside threats by the Spelljammer fleet of ships, as Spelljammer has many extraterrestrial threats that would pose a danger if left unchecked. The members of the Spelljammer Fleet are trained in secret at the Spelljammer Academy, which is found on the moon elf island of Nimbral. This four-part mini-campaign is ideal for introducing new players to the Spelljammer campaign setting, especially as it's very different from the other D&D campaigns. It could also dovetail into a full Spelljammer story, with the players going on their own adventures after graduation.

Spelljammer's concept may be the most unique of all D&D campaign settings, as it uses fantasy mechanics to create the trappings of a science fiction adventure. Spelljammer's inclusion of owning and maintaining a ship to use in battle is a departure from most D&D campaigns, and the free introduction could help ease players into the new style of gameplay. The upcoming Spelljammer: Adventures in Space also has Light of Xaryxis, a 12-part campaign for the setting, but Spelljammer Academy might be a better entry point for new Dungeons & Dragons players.