Daniel & Johnny Need 1 Last Fight To Properly End Their Cobra Kai Story

Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso should have one last sparring match to fully conclude their arc on Cobra Kai. Decades into Johnny and Daniel's traumatic rivalry in Cobra Kai, which began when they were teenagers in The Karate Kid, the two men finally managed to put aside their differences and become allies at the end of season 4. Both Johnny and Daniel recognized the true threat posed by Cobra Kai under the leadership of John Kreese and Terry Silver was what brought them there, but also that journey was long fraught with conflict.

Ahead of the All Valley Tournament, Johnny and Daniel finally faced each other on the mat again to determine the leader of the Eagle Fang Karate dojo, only for the fight to end in a draw. Johnny and Daniel's Cobra Kai season 4 fight was seen at the time as the culmination of their enmity from adolescence, but while allowing them both to vent some steam at each other, it simply kept their schism going a little longer. Johnny and Daniel may still not be friends, but as karate practitioners with mutual respect for each other, their story still has a very good reason to pit them against each other in a different context.


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The two protagonists fighting again is the most logical next step in their shared arc, but the fight would also be under the circumstances of a committed but friendly sparring match. With Johnny and Daniel no longer determined to destroy each other, having them spar again would make all the sense in the world with both Johnny and Daniel a sensei of young karate students. With Johnny and Daniel striving to lead by example, their next sparring match would be a major step forward both for them and their students and families.

Daniel & Johnny Can Spar Again As Friends, Not Enemies

Johnny and Daniel fight in Cobra Kai

Among the countless benefits of martial arts is the way in which it can build bridges between people. Johnny and Daniel both know that deeply but took much longer than normal to reach that conclusion with each other. With the hatchet finally buried between them, and with Johnny and Daniel each recognizing the individual strengths of both Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do karate, Cobra Kai could show the two men spar again with the aim of not defeating each other but learning from each other.

On a much deeper level, even when they were enemies, Johnny and Daniel's relationship was based on their shared passion for karate. While their earlier fights were of a far more volatile nature, their next being one of two martial artists who have made an ally of a former enemy would be the perfect victory for each other, now that the two have finally defeated the hatred they once had for each other. Like Rocky III's private third fight between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed, it would be two former opponents doing what they love and recognizing the other as an equal.

Of course, Johnny and Daniel each have quite more on their plates going into Cobra Kai season 5, with the Cobra Kai dojo having taken over the Valley's martial arts community and Johnny vowing to bring the disillusioned Miguel Diaz back from Mexico City. Still, sooner or later, Cobra Kai delivering one more Johnny vs. Daniel karate match would be an invaluable event for the show. The difference is that Johnny and Daniel would face each other on new, more friendly terms with each gladly bowing to the other as a fellow warrior.

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