Day Shift Movie's Vampires Were Actually Played By Contortionists

Vampires in the new Netflix movie, Day Shift, were actually played by contortionists. Day Shift is a horror action-comedy directed by J.J. Perry and starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, True Blood fanatic Snoop Dogg, Karla Souza, and Meagan Good. The film follows Bud Jablonski, played by Foxx, as he attempts to make an honest living to provide for his daughter by cleaning pools and, through a more lucrative business, killing vampires.

During Netflix's Geeked Week in June, viewers were given a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind the action-packed thriller. This served to increase anticipation for Day Shift, culminating in the official trailer release in July displaying the full range of intense, bloody comedic sequences. Released on August 12, the movie is already being received positively and is considered a standout among some of Netflix's previous original movies. In particular, Day Shift has been praised for its impressive world-building and the exciting fight scenes infused with comedic timing. While there's been no official word on wether Netflix will greenlight a Day Shift 2, they are continuing to promote the film with more behind-the-scenes details.


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On Twitter, Netflix revealed that director J.J. Perry hired a team of contortionists in order to recreate the vampire's unnatural movements while not relying on special effects. The post is accompanied by a 2-minute scene from Day Shift that showcases the flexible maneuvers these actors are capable of and how their movements enhance the fight scenes throughout the movie. This hiring decision was likely informed by Perry's experience as a stunt coordinator for the John Wick franchise and would also explain the level of innovative fight choreography displayed throughout the film. Check it out, below:

Contortionists are performance artists capable of incredible physical flexibility. The ability to contort their bodies in such a manner is an impressive skill, yet extremely unnatural and potentially unnerving to the viewer. Perry's decision to add this element to Day Shift only intensifies the action sequences and makes the film's vampires all the more unsettling. The extreme and strange motion from the contortionists allows for fight choreography unlike other films, and achieving it without the use of special effects makes the scenes look even more realistic.

Day Shift comes at a time when the only real competition for live-action vampire fights is Sony's Morbius, and in contrast to the much-maligned and meme-ified movie, Day Shift is a breath of fresh air. Headed by Perry and with a writing team of fellow John Wick franchise veterans, Tyler Tice and Shay Hanett, there is an optimism for the future of Day Shift as a new action-orient vampire series. Whether there will be a sequel has yet to be determined, but the body-bending, shotgun-slinging, vampire killing universe is already finding an audience on Netflix.

Source: Netflix