DC's Most Powerful Hero's Death Just Changed The DC Universe Forever

Warning! Spoilers for DC: Mech #1 by DC Comics

The Justice Society of America's demise just signaled the end of the age of heroes as DC's most powerful hero, Doctor Fate, was just killed in a shocking fashion. In DC: Mech #1 by DC Comics, the magical hero joins the JSA in a stand against a giant-sized monstrous Parademon who attacks Earth. However, even Doctor Fate isn't strong enough to stop the Apokolips'-born threat, as he's brutally killed in the fight alongside a few of his fellow heroes.

In DC: Mech #1 by DC Comics, the current age of superheroes features the likes of Superman, Batman, and The Flash in their own giant-sized mechs, as instead of operating as heroes in normal costumes, an attack in the 1940s changed the trajectory of their futures. Originally in the non-canon universe, the Justice Society of America was the greatest protector of Earth. But, when a single soldier from Darkseid's army made a surprise arrival and killed the most powerful hero, Doctor Fate, it changed the DC Universe forever.


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In DC: Mech #1 by Kenny Porter, Baldermar Rivas, Mike Spicer, and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, the comic opens in the 1940s, where the Justice Society of America operates as the planet's mightiest heroes. However, after celebrating victory during the second world war, a boom tube sends a giant-sized Parademon to Earth, halting the festivities. However, the Parademon is as tall as a building and way more powerful than Darkseid's usual minions. The magical hero Doctor Fate leads the attack, but is immediately killed as the monster punches him so hard that his helmet (and possibly his head) goes flying off.

Doctor Fate Death

DC's most powerful hero isn't the only JSA member to fall in the fight, as the giant-sized Parademon takes out Johnny Thunder, Hawkman, and Sandman before it's taken out. The battle and death of Doctor Fate and his fellow teammates would signal the end of the age of heroes and change the DC Universe forever, as future heroes would operate in mechs knowing the potential threats from the Cosmos.

DC: Mechs #1 had to establish a threat so powerful that even Doctor Fate, DC's strongest magical hero, wouldn't be enough to stop them. So, by killing the hero and other members of the JSA, the story sets up why heroes would make such a drastic turn to mechs as some of their greatest protectors died against one of potentially thousands of Darkseid's mega-sized Parademons. Still, seeing Doctor Fate killed so quickly is shocking as few villains, even in non-canon stories, have ever taken down DC's most powerful hero so easily.