DC's New Batman Team Creates Another Robin Controversy

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #125

A new era for DC Comics' Batman is here, and the series' new creative team is highlighting one of the biggest controversies surrounding Batman's sidekick Robin. Having gone through a plethora of Robins over the years, these young men are part of the "Bat-Family" of heroes working in Gotham alongside the Dark Knight. However, the way Bruce Wayne truly views those he's brought into the fold is pretty dark.

In previous issues of Batman, Bruce Wayne has lost his fortune and many of the resources he once had. As such, he's fallen even deeper into his crusade against Gotham's criminals, more determined than ever while hardly taking off his cape and cowl even during the day. This is where the new Batman #125 begins with the current Robin Tim Drake expressing his concern over Bruce's current mode of operation (being the Batman 24/7).


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However, Batman surprisingly refers to Tim as a "soldier" more than once in this new issue from Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez. Batman compares Tim being shot in the neck in this issue to the death of Jason Todd's Robin before he was resurrected as the Red Hood, referring to both Boy Wonders as soldiers in his crusade. As such, this issue is seemingly suggesting that Batman views his Robins as soldiers first and sons second (a very dark and twisted perspective to have).


While it's no secret that Bruce is deeply committed to his crusade (more than his own happiness), the way Batman views his Robins is very problematic. While he of course loves his past and present sidekicks, seeing them as soldiers first communicates an unhealthy distance he's put between himself and those he cares for most. It also highlights the fact that the only real way he's let people into his life is if they've been recruited and are able to play some sort of role in his life as Batman and "the mission".

It should be noted that this dark Robin perspective ties very well to the previously established idea that Batman thinks of himself as Batman first (rather than Bruce Wayne). His crusade as the Dark Knight is that much of a priority (and borderline obsession). Considering the fact that Tim Drake's Robin is now in the hospital shortly after voicing the Bat-Family's concern with Batman's current mode of operation sans Bruce Wayne, here's hoping the Dark Knight can change his tactics and start breaking down the multitude of walls he's put up around himself.