Dive Into The Deep With NatGeo's Sharks Vs. The World [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive clip from National Geographic's "Sharks vs. The World." Premiering tonight at 7/6c as part of the iconic four-week event known as Sharkfest, this special episode explores how sharks persevere despite the fact that everyone - from surfers and swimmers to whales and even tuna - is united against them. While the world fears sharks as predators, they are constantly in a battle for their lives and proving themselves to be survivors.

"Sharks vs. The World," which is also set to air on Nat Geo WILD August 5 at 10/9c, will share valuable information that is not often revealed about the magnificent and misunderstood sea creatures. Audiences will hear from experts, such as Dr. Ryan Johnson, who has been studying great white sharks and their hunting strategy, and marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan, who developed the infamous chainmail "sharksuit" for divers.


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National Geographic’s Sharkfest is celebrating its 10th anniversary with nearly 30 hours of new programming and over 60 hours of enhanced content. "Sharks vs. The World" is only one of the many programs which will span four weeks across several National Geographic channels - not to mention affiliates such as Disney+, Hulu, Disney XD, ABC and ESPN. Through this event, scientists and storytellers hope to make sharks better understood by the general public and less vilified for their role in the nature's grand plan.

Check out Screen Rant's exclusive clip, provided by National Geographic, below for a taste of what to expect:

(Watch the full video on YouTube.)

In the sneak peek above, sharksuit inventor Jeremiah Sullivan is introduced at a shark-infested dive site off the coast of the Bahamas. In order to test his latest armor and next generation chainmail, he plans to intentionally provoke an attack by a massive tiger shark. As he explains, his special suits are not for the days when things go well. Rather, "they're for the days when things go wrong."

Viewers will get a chance to see just how wrong things go, and how important a sharksuit is while diving in the deep blue sea, when "Sharks vs. The World" premieres tonight on National Geographic.

Sharks Vs The World Jeremiah Sullivan
Shark suit inventor Jeremiah Sullivan prepares to test out his latest design.

Sharkfest kicked off on July 10 with "Camo Sharks," which featured scientists capturing shark pigmentation changes in real-time. Other episodes to catch up on include "Backyard Bull Sharks,” which explored how said bull sharks took over rivers and other waters beyond the sea, as well as how they have been affected by climate change. The six-episode series When Sharks Attack will also be premiering tonight and is certain to be of fascination to viewers.

For those interested in more content from NatGeo, be sure to check out Screen Rant's recent interviews with the producers, cinematographer, composer and musicians of America The Beautiful.

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Sharks vs. The World premieres July 11 at 7pm ET on National Geographic and August 5 at 10pm ET on NatGeo WILD.

Source: National Geographic

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