Doctor Doom Becoming Iron Man is One Of Marvel's Best Redemption Arcs

While Doctor Doom is known for his villainy, the character's turn as the Infamous Iron Man remains one of Marvel's best redemption arcs. Following the events of Secret Wars, Victor Von Doom decided to try his hand at being a hero, getting his own Iron Man armor and even assisting the Avengers when needed. While Doom's heroism might have seemed like a secret ploy to gain more power, Infamous Iron Man actually had noble goals of making the world a better place. It ended up being an amazing arc for the Fantastic Four villain.

Doctor Doom has committed some of the worst atrocities in Marvel Comics history, making him an odd choice to turn into a hero. But, after being at the height of his powers as God Emperor Doom during Secret Wars, the longtime Fantastic Four villain turned a new leaf in a newly formed world. Instead of trying to kill Marvel's greatest heroes and rule the planet, Doom, as Infamous Iron Man, took a more altruistic approach, proving that even the worst of the worst were never above redemption.


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The new Iron Man would star in his own series, Infamous Iron Man, from Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth, and Clayton Cowles. In the comic, Doctor Doom, whose scars have been healed by Reed Richards, visits the A.I. Tony Stark (who was 'killed' in Civil War II) and reveals he's becoming Iron Man in his place. After gaining one of the greatest powers in the Marvel Universe in Secret Wars, Doom realized that he might be better served as an agent of good. However, the original Iron Man doesn't want Doom taking on the mantle, but the former villain ignores his requests, suiting up in armor.


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Despite his attempts at becoming a hero, his fellow good guys don't welcome the change. Specifically, Ben Grimm is shocked to see Doctor Doom as the new Iron Man, coming into numerous conflicts with him throughout the series. However, Victor is keen on proving himself and gaining other heroes' respect through his words and actions.

Doctor Doom Hero

Despite Doctor Doom's good intentions as Iron Man, forces were working against him from becoming a hero, as Mephisto later reveals that the universe wants Doom to suffer and fail. Mephisto worked directly against Doom's redemption to keep him on track for his dark fate. Still, Doom tries his best to be a hero, surprising the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Doom Iron Man

Doctor Doom's time as Iron Man would eventually come to an end. After being attacked by the villain The Hood and having his face scarred and burned again, he would go into hiding. His disfigured appearance reawakened the evil inside of him. He would soon attempt to regain control of his home Latveria while returning to his more authoritative ways. Still, seeing Doctor Doom give being a hero an honest try while becoming Iron Man remains one of Marvel's best redemption arcs. While Doom might seem well-past redemption given his past actions, he did his best to prove he changed. Ultimately, while he did show a new side, it wasn't enough, as Doctor Doom would drop the Iron Man mantle and return to villainy.