Doctor Doom Cosplay Shows the MCU How to Succeed Where Fox Failed

While Doctor Doom is one of Marvel Comics’ premier supervillains, the character has yet to be translated faithfully in any of his live action appearances. However, one cosplayer may have just beaten the movies to the punch in a breathtaking, screen-ready costume of everyone’s favorite Latverian dictator.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doctor Doom made his first appearance in 1962’s Fantastic Four #5. Immediately causing trouble for Marvel’s First Family, Doom would go on to become a major threat in the Marvel Universe. A master of science and magic, Victor Von Doom rules the fictional country of Latveria with a literal fist of iron. The super-villain has at various points stolen the powers of the Silver Surfer, traveled to Hell and back and reshaped reality itself after dubbing himself God Emperor of the universe, with Doom even fighting Thanos along the way. Doom has long been a force to be reckoned with in the comics, which is why it’s a little disappointing that the various live-action movies have failed to capitalize on the character’s classic and intimidating appearance.


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One cosplayer has rectified this mistake, however. Instagram user Pepe (@khal_of_atlantis) recently posted his impressive cosplay of the infamous Doctor Doom. In the post, Pepe states: “I’m here just waiting for @marvelstudios to redeem and show a proper Dr. Doom.” Judging from his work, Marvel Studios would do well to take some tips from Pepe himself when they inevitably bring the character onscreen into the MCU. Check out his Doctor Doom cosplay below:

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A post shared by Pepe (@khal_of_atlantis)

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A post shared by Pepe (@khal_of_atlantis)

What is perhaps most impressive about the above cosplay is how it updates the classic Doctor Doom costume found on the comic book page into something that looks like it could work in the real world, yet still keeps the iconic look. This is something that has eluded all previous live-action versions of the character, which for whatever reason all wound up straying from the design in the comics, somehow suggesting that there was something wrong with the classic look. This is utterly ridiculous - Doctor Doom’s costume is so iconic that it famously inspired Darth Vader’s look, with both characters sharing a familiar silhouette. If it’s a look good enough to inspire Star Wars' Darth Vader, then surely it’s worth faithfully adapting for the live-action Doctor Doom, as well. Pepe's cosplay shows that - with the proper care and attention - we can get a Doctor Doom that looks like he just stepped off the comic book page, while also working in the “real” world.

Whether or not the MCU will finally get the character right, we’ll still have impressive, faithful representations of Marvel Comics’ Doctor Doom like the above thanks to talented cosplayers.