Doctor Who: Which Companion Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Doctor Who has given us a whopping twelve regular companions since its reboot, all of which have become beloved characters in their own right. It isn't yet known what new personalities accompanying Ncuti Gatwa's Fourteenth Doctor fans will be falling in love with, but loyalty to the companions of days gone will always remain high. Fans will be interested to find out which of these companions matches their zodiac sign the best as their soulmate.

Naturally, it isn't made clear in the show when precisely these companions were born, and so matches are based on the traits they present and their personalities as characters. Each sign of the zodiac has stronger compatibility with certain traits and, therefore, certain companions.


12 Aries: Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler Doctor Who Spinoff Almost Happened

The perfect partner for Aries is someone that can match their quirky traits and fiery nature. Aries needs somebody that shares their values and their interests - being up for anything, being spontaneous, and loving adventure. Most of all, they like to feel understood when so many may label them impulsive to a fault and aggressive.

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Rose Tyler's fire sign energy is the perfect match for an Aries. She loves adventure, thriving in an environment with a little danger, competition, and fun. Rose was never afraid to jump right in and speak her mind, standing up to Cassandra on her first trip out in space. Her own Aries traits give her the perfect understanding of someone that acts first and worries about the consequences later. This is a strong match built on passion, fun, and mutual understanding.

11 Taurus: Martha Jones

Taurus seeks loyalty in their soulmate. To go the distance with Taurus, their partner must be trustworthy, honest, and dependable. Such a strong earth sign like Taurus seeks comfort and reassurance found in other Earth signs, while also wanting to share an enjoyment of life and its riches. It's also important for Taurus to find a balance in someone proactive that will keep them moving and motivated.

Martha Jones has strong Virgo, earth sign traits. She's ambitious, driven, and organized, yet she has a lust for life and adventure that led her into the Doctor's world of aliens and monsters in the first place.  There's nobody more dependable than Martha, she's always there for her family, her colleagues at the hospital and UNIT, and most importantly The Doctor, even taking on the role of silently supporting him from the sidelines in some of her best episodes according to IMDb, "Blink" and "Family of Blood/Human Nature." Her strong morality makes her easy to love and trust, a perfect candidate for Taurus' affection.

10 Gemini: Ryan Sinclair

Tosin Cole as Ryan Sinclair on Doctor Who

Gemini is a sign that is usually branded picky when it comes to love and relationships. As an air sign, Gemini values intelligence, a sense of humor, and an interesting personality above all else. They are usually suited to other air signs, which can give them the mental stimulation and level of communication they long for in a partner. This is a pairing that goes deeper than the superficialities and denies anyone that would brand Gemini as fickle.

Ryan Sinclair is perfect for Gemini. Since meeting the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan learned a lot about himself and the world and grew into a man that fights for change where it's needed and isn't afraid to communicate his thoughts on injustices, such as his own experiences with racism. He may take a while to warm up to people, but once they have him on their side, Ryan is extremely loyal, and engaging and would make it his mission to draw out the deeper facets of Gemini's personality.

9 Cancer: Graham O'Brien

Graham O'Brien looks off into the distance in a Dr. Who promotional photo.

Cancer individuals look for sensitivity, affection, and being made to feel special. Normally drawn to other water signs or earth signs, Cancer struggles to go long-term with the less empathetic and emotionally available fire and air signs. They are highly intuitive and intelligent people, needing both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence from their partners.

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One of the most empathetic and emotionally intelligent companions, Graham O'Brien proves himself to be the perfect counterpart to Cancer. His own water sign energy is incredibly noticeable in his selfless attitude to life, putting much of his energy into caring for his late wife and grandson Ryan, and his natural receptivity to the emotions of those around him. Graham's devotion to his wife demonstrates his perfect potential to be Cancer's long-lasting soulmate.

8 Leo: Amy Pond

Leo is resilient, confident, and usually sure of themself. They need mystery and ambiguity in a partner in order to stay interested. Air signs such as Gemini are an excellent match for Leo, presenting as mysterious and aloof, yet being able to show their deeper, true self when least expected. It's games like these that keep the lion on its toes.

A master at keeping their partner guessing, Amy Pond keeps her cards close to her chest. It's her self-assured confidence and unattainability that would attract Leo, but her deeper self and her fun-loving values would make for a well-matched and loving pairing. Amy loves wholeheartedly, though she doesn't like to spell it out for people, which often makes for some of the saddest aspects of her relationship with Rory.

7 Virgo: Clara Oswald

A sign with strong ambition, focus, and drive, Virgo needs a person that can commit to them, because they're in it for the long haul. Virgo's life is best shared with a fellow earth sign that is able to keep up with Virgo's ten-steps-ahead planning but also possesses a mellower quality. Virgo needs someone sociable and confident that can show them how to enjoy life with a little spontaneity and adventure.

Clara Oswald is the perfect counterpart to Virgo. She's effortlessly calm and collected, even faced with the most aggravated and dangerous of people and situations. She would take Virgo's quirks in her stride and make it her mission to get them living life to the most, remaining faithful and committed throughout in the same way she sticks by the Doctor while keeping hold of her normal life.

6 Libra: Donna Noble

Donna in front of bright lights in Doctor Who

Libra wants it all and they are unlikely to settle for second best. Looks, brains, confidence, success - libra seeks the ultimate balance in their partner.

Donna Noble is certainly the whole package. Funny, beautiful, smart, successful as the number one temp in Chiswick, these are all words she'd use to describe herself and Libra would not disagree. Her infectious personality would catch Libra's eye, and her fun-loving nature would encourage them to stop overthinking and lighten up a little.

5 Scorpio: Rory Williams

Intensity is the number one word associated with Scorpio. Everything they feel is felt strongly and unconditionally. It's the reason why other water signs and earth signs make the best matches for a Scorpio, sharing in a strong and passionate emotional bond that lasts for years and years.

If viewers are looking for someone that loves for years and years, Rory Williams has a proven track record of waiting and remaining faithful for 1,894 years. A fan favorite and companion widely considered to have been criminally underused, the Lone Centurion loved Amy unconditionally and intensely, so much so that he would die for her several times. That's the level of feeling that Scorpio needs in a soulmate.

4 Sagittarius: Yasmin Khan

Doctor Who Kerblam Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan

For Sagittarius, independence really is key. This famously wild and untameable fire sign hates feeling smothered by a clingy partner. The one for Sagittarius is someone that can give them space while loving them all the same. The cool exterior of an air sign is just what they need.

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Yasmin Khan is herself unapologetically independent and self-sufficient, yet she loves her family so strongly and frequently gravitates back to them as if none of her adventures had ever happened. Her cautious, law-abiding nature is also the perfect trait to rein in Sagittarius' wildness, though importantly she isn't afraid to have fun herself.

3 Capricorn: River Song

River poses in a denim outfit against a blue sky in Doctor Who.

These earth signs are drawn to those with class, style, and lots of confidence. Capricorn needs someone to share in a love of the finer things, to be loyal and genuine. They needn't look any further than traits shared by other earth signs, especially Taurus.

Professor River Song has incredibly strong Taurus energy. She loves decadence and luxury, she's effortlessly flirtatious and beguiling, yet she makes it known that her number one loyalty is to the Doctor. River Song is witty and intelligent, providing some of the best quotes in the show's history. She may be stubborn, but this is a trait that Capricorn knows all too well and finds endearing.

2 Aquarius: Bill Potts

Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

Aquarius is a proactive and sociable sign, they want to change the world and leave their mark. In a soulmate, they need someone that makes helps their life to be meaningful, full of adventure and achievement. Outgoing signs such as Sagittarius are just what Aquarius needs to make every day count, and to be filled with laughter, happiness and fun.

Bill Potts has precisely that outgoing, fun energy that Aquarius would really benefit from. Her extroverted personality and strong sense of humor make her the perfect social companion. Bill is enthusiastic, energetic, and sticks to her morals. If Aquarius wants to change the world, then Bill would be right behind them.

1 Pisces: Nardole

Matt Lucas as Nardole in Doctor Who

Pisces requires a deep connection for someone to become the one. They are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac, forever dreaming of that kind, creative and intriguing person that will sweep them off their feet.

Nardole is the perfect candidate for Pisces' affections. He is fun, creative, and loyal, yet possesses a darker side relating to his past life of crime that led him to meet River Song. Nardole possesses a lot of water sign traits that mean he would be likely to share in Pisces' intensity of emotion while being empathetic and sensitive to their mood.