Doron Dororon's Villain Origin Fixes Its Issue with Pushover Threats

Warning: contains spoilers for Doron Dororon #29!

The monsters of Shonen Jump's Doron Dororon are a problem for humans, but they rarely seem to be much of an issue for well-trained or specially gifted "samurai" like Dora Sasaki and his colleagues in the Izanagi Corps. However, now it's become clear that ex-samurai Hanzo Miyamoto is responsible for the monsters' presence, their true threat to the world has been revealed.

In Gen Oosuka's Doron Dororon, monsters (or 'Mononoke') suddenly appeared out of nowhere about 50 years before the present day. Due to the Mononoke's preference for eating humans, especially children, and their superpowered abilities, they have become a threat to humanity. In response to the threat of the Mononoke, a special force of humans with exceptional levels of supernatural energy was established. The Mononoke run the spectrum in terms of size, abilities, and demeanor. However, up until the present, they do not seem to be a match for two levels of samurai, namely, officers who are good but not great samurai, and the elite, or those samurai who possess exceptional skills, abilities, and experience fighting the Mononoke. So far, few Mononoke have been able to defend against a top-level samurai intent on seeing them dead, and Doron Dororon has failed to conjure the world-shaking threats present in its manga contemporaries.


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In Doron Dororon Chapter 28, however, fans are introduced to Hanzo Miyamoto, a former classmate of Goki Tsukuhara, the leader of the Izanagi Corps. In response to being passed over for the leadership of the Izanagi Clan, Miyamoto went rogue. He broke the clan's prohibition of contacting Mononoke and began summoning them to the Earth. He is responsible for the continuing presence of the Mononoke, and they're all part of his plan.

Doron Dororon chapter 29

This revelation does not bode well for the Izanagi Corps. On the one hand, there's the fact that Miyamoto is, according to Tsukahara, one of the world's best-ever swordsmen. On the other, there is Miyamoto's ability to conjure Mononoke. Rather than individual monsters, Doron Dororon is now the story of a concerted effort by a highly skilled villain to topple the world itself. Communing with the Mononoke seems to have made Miyamoto even more powerful, and with monstrous troops and a specific agenda, Doron Dororon has a 'big bad' like never before.

Miyamoto-Mononoke collaboration is the worst possible situation for the world of Shonen Jump's Doron Dororon. Moreover, as it becomes increasingly clear that Dora Sasaki and his partner Kusanagi are somehow connected with Miyamoto's plans, they will likely bear the brunt of his further efforts as Doron Dororon ramps up the ambition of its antagonists and the potential of its eventual endgame.