Epic Stranger Things Eddie Tattoo Perfectly Immortalizes His Hero Moment

An epic Stranger Things tattoo immortalizes Eddie's heroic rockstar moment in season 4. Since debuting in 2016, Stranger Things has become a phenomenon. The Duffer Brothers' hit horror-fantasy series returned for season 4 earlier this year, breaking viewership records and setting up the planned fifth and final season. Stranger Things season 4 introduces a scary new villain in the form of Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna, as well as a handful of other new supporting characters.

Among the newcomers is Joseph Quinn's Eddie Munson. The character quickly became a fan favorite due to his rebellious attitude and his role as the leader of Hawkins High School's Hellfire Club. After witnessing Chrissy's (Grace Van Dien) death, however, the character finds himself on the run from the police and the violent captain of the school basketball team. As the fight against Vecna ramps up in the final episodes of Stranger Things season 4, Eddie comes to play an even more important role, with the character breaking out his guitar and playing Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in an effort to distract the powerful villain.


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As shared by artist Butcher Billy on Twitter, Eddie's heroic moment has now been turned into a truly epic tattoo. The tattoo features Eddie rocking out on guitar while surrounded by bats as the Creel house and Vecna's tentacles hover ominously above him. The tattoo even features the distinctive red sky and lightning as seen in the show. Check out the impressive tattoo below:

Done by Rendition Tattoo Studio in Nuneaton #StrangerThings pic.twitter.com/8wibNgDUZD

— Butcher Billy (@billythebutcher) July 26, 2022

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Although Quinn's Eddie is only present in Stranger Things season 4, the character has evidently made a big impact on viewers. As has been made clear by countless social media posts and tributes, Eddie's "Master of Puppets" sequence is one of the most memorable of the entire season, but the triumphant moment is followed by a major gut-punch when he is attacked by Vecna's bats and dies from his wounds. Although the show seemed fairly definitive about Eddie's death, fans have already started to call for his return in season 5.

The epic Eddie tattoo may not bring the character back from the dead, but it does forever immortalize one of the best scenes from the show's latest season. It remains to be seen if Eddie will return for Stranger Things season 5, but the tattoo is another reminder of just how popular the Netflix show is and how it has captured the imaginations of viewers around the world. Even if Eddie doesn't return in the upcoming season of Stranger Things, it's clear that Quinn's portrayal of the Hellfire club leader will live on forever in other forms.