Every Death In Bodies Bodies Bodies Explained (& Who The Killer Is)

Warning! SPOILERS for Bodies Bodies Bodies Every Bodies Bodies Bodies death is an escalation of the terror the characters face, causing a chain reaction of carnage that only leaves two survivors. The A24 horror movie follows a group of friends - Sophie, Alice, Jordan, David, and Emma - who throw a hurricane party at David's mansion. Along for the ride are Greg, Alice's Tinder boyfriend of two weeks, and Bee, Sophie's girlfriend.

When the group decides to play the titular game (a variation of Werewolf or Mafia), tensions quickly rise and, before long, David (played by Pete Davidson) ends up dead with a gash in his throat. Afraid there's a killer on the loose, the survivors begin to look for the murderer before they themselves are picked off one by one. While searching through David's vast mansion during a power outage, most of the characters in Bodies Bodies Bodies end up dead in increasingly brutal ways.


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By the end of the film, there are only two survivors - Sophie and Bee. They are left to deal with the aftermath of what is just a major miscommunication. Due to the paranoia, Sophie and Bee hardly trust each other anymore, and when Max (their missing friend shows up), they have a lot of explaining to do after he spots David's body, the first of their friends to die.

David (Killed By David)

Pete Davidson as David in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Pete Davidson's character is the first Bodies Bodies Bodies death and the discovery of his corpse kicks off the events of the film. His imagined rivalry with Lee Pace's Greg spurs him to attempt to saber a champagne bottle for a TikTok. When things don't go as planned (and David breaks some major safety rules), he ends up slicing himself in the neck and bleeding out in what is a perfectly fitting death for a Pete Davidson character.

Greg (Killed By Bee)

Lee Pace as Greg and Pete Davidson as David in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Next to die is Lee Pace's Greg. One of the few unknown factors after David's death, Alice, Jordan, Emma, Bee, and Sophie go to find him when they believe he may have killed David after their confrontation earlier in the film. They also hilariously mistake him for a veteran (when Alice meant he was a veterinarian), making the friends think he is capable of violence. During a nail-biting confrontation, the girls ask him if he killed David and Greg continues to mess with them thinking it's all a part of the game. When things spiral out of control and Greg tries to defend himself, Bee smashes him in the head with a kettle ball weight - twice.

Emma (Possibly Killed By Sophie)

Chase Sui Wonders as Emma and Pete Davidson as David in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Emma, played by Chase Sui Wonders (the star of the short-lived HBO Max streaming show Generation) is the next to die, and her death is perhaps the most mysterious and serves to undermine Sophie's reliability as a character. After Sophie and Emma have a brutal argument, Emma leaves. When Sophie finds her, she gives Emma pills and a few minutes later, Emma is found at the bottom of the stairs with a huge gash in her head. The Bodies Bodies Bodies death is never confirmed to be an accident and audiences are left to wonder whether Sophie really could have pushed her or if she did fall while under the influence.

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Alice (Killer Unknown)

Rachel Sennott as Alice in Bodies Bodies Bodies

When Jordan breaks a cardinal horror movie rule by bringing a gun into the situation, a tense standoff ensues. The paranoia ramps up as the night goes on and as resentment boils over, Alice, Bee, Jordan, and Sophie all reveal their underlying feelings for each other. When Alice goes on a tirade against Jordan, calling her out for being the meanest of the group and confirming her insecurity that no one actually likes her, Jordan shoots Alice in the leg. In an attempt to wrestle the gun from Jordan, Bee, Sophie, and Alice end up in a pile on the floor. When the gun goes off, Alice ends up dead, but it's unclear who could have set off the shot. The most likely culprit seems to be Jordan, but ultimately Alice's death is likely another tragic accident.

Jordan (Killed By Bee)

Myhala Harold as Jordan in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Capping off the horror movie's body count is Jordan. After Alice ends up dead, Jordan is still in possession of the gun and the drug-fueled paranoia reaches its peak. Afraid she'll be blamed for Alice's death, Jordan threatens Bee and Sophie with the gun. Once again, Bee proves her smarts by outflanking Jordan and attempting to wrestle the gun from her. While she doesn't get the fun, Bee ends up pushing Jordan over the railing, sending her falling to her death on top of a glass table. Before she takes her last breath, Jordan stokes the flames of paranoia one more time by urging Bee to check Sophie's texts regarding her cheating on Bee. Jordan then shoots at the surviving pair of Bodies Bodies Bodies one more time before dying from her wounds.