The much-anticipated Kingsman 3 has been confirmed by the director Matthew Vaughn, and Eggsy actor, Taron Egerton, has publicly stated that he expects production to begin soon. Kingsman 3 will be the fourth movie in the franchise and the final installment of the Eggsy and Harry Hart (Colin Firth) centered trilogy. After years of production delays, there have finally been some promising updates for the threequel, and gradually more information has been released about what Kingsman fans will be able to expect.

Initially, Kingsman 3 was set to begin shooting in January 2019, for consecutive production with The King's Man prequel. However, due to pandemic setbacks, while The King's Man was released in December 2021, Kingsman 3 remained in pre-production. Much like Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the 2017 sequel, The King's Man received mixed critical reviews, yet that hasn't deterred Vaughn from wanting to properly close out Eggsy's story.


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In fact, Vaughn has more than just Kingsman 3 planned for the franchise's future. The writer-director has plans for several more movies, a Kingsman TV series, and a US spin-off TV series called The Statesman. All of that is likely still several years off, but until then fans have Kingsman 3 to look forward to. Here's everything known about the trilogy's finale so far.

Kingsman 3 Cast: Who Is Returning?

Both Taron Egerton and Colin Firth are definitely returning, since Kingsman 3 will focus on closing out their characters' stories. Channing Tatum should be returning, since his character, Agent Tequila, received an exchange assignment to Kingsman at the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Halle Berry's Agent Whiskey and Jeff Bridge's Champ may also return, considering the strong collaboration that took place between Kingsman and Statesman in the previous film. Sophie Cookson's Roxy died in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, along with Mark Strong's Merlin, but considering the way Harry survived his apparently fatal shooting in the first movie, the return of these characters cannot be discounted. There have also been rumors that other stars, such as Dwayne Johnson, may be joining in on the action this time around.

Kingsman 3 Story: What Is The Sequel About?

Harry and Eggsy in Kingsman The Secret Service

Kingsman 3 will be the last film with Eggsy and Harry's relationship at the forefront. It's likely that the film's plot will focus heavily on their unique version of a father-son bond. After most of the Kingsman agents were killed off in an explosion in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the plot may revolve around Harry and Eggsy attempting to rebuild the organization and find new recruits. Not much else is known about the plot as of yet, but it's possible that some clues can be found in the prequel since there were several franchise origin reveals and Easter eggs in The King's Man. Another place where fans can look for plot clues is the movie's title, which will be Kingsman: The Blue Blood. However previous installments of the franchise have been released with final titles that were different than the working title that was announced, so nothing is set in stone.

Kingsman 3 Release Date Prediction

Taron Egerton gives update on Kingsman 3

No official release date for Kingsman 3 has been announced since filming has not yet begun. It's likely Kingsman 3 will be released about a year after filming wraps up, based on previous timelines with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which finished filming in September 2016 and released in September of 2017. Egerton has previously revealed that he has read the script for Kingsman 3, and although he seems to be as in the dark as everyone else, he is optimistic that filming will begin soon. If Kingsman 3 does start filming before the end of the year, it's likely the release date will be sometime in late 2023.